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Twisted versions of your favorite stories


Wacky, weird and completely unpredictable, AliƧin is a twisted new take on Alice in Wonderland - a trippy album, a mind-altering immersive live show and a psychedelic cinematic concert.


The most notorious nightclub in Metropolis where fantasies become reality for those bold enough to enter, and brave unlock it's dark secrets.

Fate Still Rests

A tantalizing new take on the legendary The Phantom of the Opera. A scintillating ride that leaves your heart pounding with every twist and turn.


Step into the spine-tingling nightmare of the Freaks of the Paris’ Cirque. Passion unlocks a dangerous desire and ignites an unlikely friendship in this story inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


TINK is kicking butt and taking names in this outrageously wacky, off-the-wall Neverland. Buckle up and forget everything you *think* you know about Peter Pan.


All the ghosts, rattling chains and “God bless us everyone’s” and none of the boring stuff. A hauntingly twisted new take on this holiday classic. You’re not scared are you?

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We tell weird, wacky and completely twisted versions of stories you love.

Live immersive shows, fulldome experiences and cinematic concerts all filled with music, madness and mayhem – and all served up with a pinch of mischief, a healthy dose of anarchy, and a whole lot of attitude.

It’s kinda like having a Backstage Pass to a bizarro version of The Eras Tour – inspired by Edward Scissorhands – that had a baby with Rocky Horror, Princess Bride and Spinal Tap.

Hey, it’s entertainment.
Who doesn’t like entertainment?
Don’t overthink it.

Our latest album AliƧin is out now.

AliƧin is a twisted new take on Alice in Wonderland
– a crazy mad album and a psychedelic live show (and it definitely ain’t Disney). 

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