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For music nerds, movie geeks, comic book fans, sci fi and fantasy lovers,
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– Our newest riff on Wonderland –

AliƧin is our brand new mashup inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic Alice in Wonderland! Take a deep dive down the rabbit hole for an enchanting adventure to The WonderHood as singers, bands, trippy silent films and cartoons converge in one breathtaking performance. MORE


– Being a Pirate is cool –

Forget what you know about Peter Pan. Sure, the beloved classic is charming and all, but it’s time to get real. All that stuff about Neverland, the Lost Boys and Captain Hook? Total fantasy. So buckle up people, because this new mashup of the J. M Barrie tale is kicking off to the “second star to the right” and partying ’til morning. MORE

Our tantalizing new take on The Phantom of the Opera, transports you to that fateful New Year’s Eve the opera house burned to the ground killing everyone inside. Delve into this  mysterious and seductive world, where danger lurks in every shadow, as we take you on a scintillating ride that will leave your heart pounding with every twist and turn. MORE

Step right up for ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’! Marvel at the mesmerizing dancers, daring daredevils and our star attraction… The Freaks. A multitude of malformed monstrosities lead by the notorious, Scaramouche. Step inside the spine-tingling intrigue of Paris’ Cirque d’Hiver and our tantillizing take on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. MORE

Welcome to Yoshiwara, the most notorious nightclub in Metropolis, where fantasies become reality and pleasure awaits those daring enough to enter. Here, you can become whoever you wish and have everything you desire. Discover new heights of ecstasy as you uncover the city’s darkest secrets hidden just beyond the shadows. Your table is ready. Right this way. MORE

HUMBUG! Now you don’t have to pretend that you’re interested in watching another two-hour adaptation of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. With HUMBUG, we deliver all the ghosts and all the “God bless us everyone’s”, in just 5 minutes! This year, holiday like a boss. Hey, that egg nog’s not gonna drink itself. What? You’re not… scared, are you? MORE


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