A magical place where all your dreams come true
February 22, 2023


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What if there was a magical place where you could simply check a box and all your dreams would come true? A kingdom where a tiny click of your finger would give you exactly what you wanted, when you wanted and how you wanted it.

A place that always delivered the right clothes, with the right fit, at the right time and did it with a smile, grateful to have served you. And, if you ever (god forbid) did have to pay for something, you always got massively more than you paid for.  

There is such a place. Okay…there isn’t, but we’re building it!

We’re building new entertainment stuff, and we want to build the kind of entertainment stuff you like. 

Seems like a win to me. 

You sit back in that big ol’ double-wide barcalounger. Munch on those Spicy Ranch-Style Doritos, and we lay some awesome entertainment at your feet. Awesome entertainment that we made just for you!

All ya’ gotta do is answer a few questions. 

CLICK HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/66Y6NHH

Don’t look at me that way. You click your mouse and get crazy-good, custom-made entertainment stuff delivered right to your door.

Calm down, I’m not coming to your house again. I meant ‘door’ as in ‘your inbox’.

Help a guy out. We want to make you the best entertainment stuff ever, and we need your help answering 9 measly questions. And not a one of them is a math question!! 

Here’s the link to our “Really, really important survey of important stuff”. It’s important. It’s in the name. Twice.


Do it. Now. It only takes 2 minutes! Thanks. 

Dude, where are the Doritos and what’s in it for me?

I told you “no”. Get your own.

Bottomline it for me:

A magical place where all your dreams come true.

Kinda like these emails.

Take the survey and you can have anything you want. Anything!

Except the Doritos. Those are mine.

I’m not gonna beg (if I don’t have to). Take the survey!

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. We built a new magical kingdom just for you. It’s called our NEW WEBSITE. We’re trying to stop The Socials from coming over to your house again. No promises.

p.p.s. Whenever you’re ready, here are some more cool ways you can play along:

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Check it out. They’re pictures, and they move!
  2. Like us on Facebook and Instagram. Just one mouse click can help our self esteem.
  3. Visit the Shop. You don’t have to buy anything.The boss likes it if we look busy.
  4. Share the newsletter. Our wacky hi-jinx are for everyone (well, maybe not everyone).


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