A tour of the best pubs in Cardiff
October 24, 2023


FDUK. Cardiff. Opening for Pink Floyd. Good times. FDUK was kind of like going to summer camp, if summer camp took place in the cold and damp of drizzly October with lots of beer and darts and crazy fun people who you had lots of deep conversations with, but never actually understood one single word they said, but somehow you came away understanding them better than a lot of people you’ve known your whole life.

I only wish we had some pictures or video we could share of the experience. You know, just to add that final bit of frosting to our delicious British Bake Off layer cake known as The AliƧin Virtual FDUK Experience.

What? We do? OMG. Well how freakin’ lucky is that!?

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

Grab yourself a plushy fulldome chair. Punch up “Come On Eileen” on the jukebox. Pour yourself a warm pint. Sit away from the dart board and try to keep your Shepard’s Pie off the pics as we enjoy the coolest pub crawl ever and the wrap up to The AliƧin Virtual FDUK Experience.

Oh, and Pro Tip. If you ever find yourself in a pub in Wales, do not try and match the locals drink for drink. They are professionals and it will not go well for you.

Dude, are those darts and what’s in it for me?
I told you they were sharp.

Bottomline it for me:

  • Summer camp
  • With beer
  • And rain
  • But lots of beer
  • Please don’t make me listen to “Dark Side” again
  • Or “Come On Eileen”
  • They’re professionals damn it!

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

P.S. Our website has some plushy fulldome chairs and a lovely selection of local brews waiting for you. The socials? Well, let’s just say it’s not going to end well.



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