Afeitarse y cortarse el pelo “dos bits”💈
November 14, 2023


So, it’s way too freaking cold today, and I’m dragging our beat up little cart behind me on my way to Trader Joe’s. Yep, show business is glamorous.

I crossed Third at 53rd Street and about 50 steps in, I stopped. Not because someone was admiring my new pork pie hat (which is pretty dapper), but because there was a barber shop there. Now, we live above a barber shop. No, I’m not kidding. Here’s a picture out our front window.

And I live with a barber. Victoria has been cutting my hair for over 25 years.

So, I have absolutely no problem getting my hair cut. That’s the reason I got the pork pie hat. I wanna grow my hair out a bit and I figure if I keep my head covered, I won’t have everybody in our building chasing after me with freshly sharpened sheers.

So, I pull my hat down a bit, and stop in front of the barber shop. It has a big “Barber” banner on the sidewalk blowing in the freaking cold breeze, and a TV monitor hanging in the window showing happy people getting haircuts, just in case you were a little vague on what they do in a barber shop. It’s a small shop. Two chairs. And someone’s actually getting their hair cut.

Then I turn to my left, and look directly across the street at… another barber shop. It’s also a small shop. Two chairs. But, they don’t have a banner blowing in the freaking cold breeze, and there’s no demonstration video.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

I thought maybe there was a giant mirror in the street, and the host of “Hilarious Pranks of New York” was gonna jump out and give me a gift certificate to Walmart for being such a good sport.

But no. It’s just two identical tiny barber shops directly across the street from each other.

I can’t stop thinking about these barber shops. Who are they? What’s their story? Did the son or daughter feel held back by the old man and they opened their own shop across the street and cut hair their way? Is there an ordinance that decrees a barber shop must always be open and they take turns having a day off? Or maybe there’s some line that divides the city, and everyone that lives on the south side of 53rd south to Battery Park has to get their hair cut on one side, and everyone on the north side of 53rd to Harlem can only get a cut on the other side?

See what I mean? It’s vexing. And now *you’re* gonna think about it all week.

What’s this got to do with entertainment and all the entertainment stuff we make? I honestly had no idea, but I figured it out just before I wrote >this<.

It’s got to do with knowing what’s cool and different about *your* barber shop! The guy with the TV monitor got close, but seriously… if the name of the place had been “Martinis and a Trim,” Victoria and our downstairs neighbors would just have to be mad at me. They would instantly become my new barber.

I know lots of you know what kind of entertainment stuff we make. But… we’ve started making lots of other cool stuff now. So…  I’m gonna start telling you more about the kind of barber shop we are, and about all the cool haircuts you can get here.

I’m excited about this. You’re excited right? Okay, well that’s enough excitement for one day. I have to go see if the “Martinis and a Trim” domain name is available.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website wraps you in hot, steamy towels before a shave. The socials are making their martinis with Vitalis.



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