Day 7: Mysteries of Wonderland

Song: What are you smilin’ at?

You’re late.

What’s with the turban?

Never mind. Just keep up.

Think you got it all figured out, huh? Think I’m gonna come in here and whisk you off on some super cool new Wonder-hood adventure while you nurse last night’s hangover?

Yeah, I probably will, but today… today you won’t know what that adventure is!

Take *that*!

Today we’re going off the grid, off the beaten path, off the… well let’s just say you won’t know where you’re going until you get there. Mystery loves company (see what I did there?). So pull up your socks and grab your Buddy… cuz today is Mysteries of Wonderland Day.

Here’s your first clue. Watch this.

Got it?

Good, cuz it’s a complete mystery to me what’s going on there.

‘Tada…’ tour’s over.

Just kidding.  You’re not getting off that easily.

Here’s another clue.
Watch this.

Yep, I still got no idea what’s going on.

Look, have a listen to today’s song WHAT ARE YOU SMILIN’ AT while I call my supervisor.

Listen, damn it. It’s mysterious!

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What Are You Smiling At
Music + Lyrics by Kevin Saunders Hayes

You always go left when you know it’s right
You tell me it’s day when you know it’s night
You say that you will when you know you might
You swear that it’s black when you know it’s white

I’d kinda like it somewhere
Kinda like a million miles from here
Some kinda a new direction
Exactly that is is still unclear

I kinda think I don’t care
It doesn’t matter now which way you turn
Even if it’s nowhere
I’ll never worry if you might return

I hear you knocking by there’s no one here
I see you smiling when you disappear
The words you’re saying make it more unclear
It’s better if you’re not here
If you’re not here

I hear you knocking
You’re not here
It’s better
A million miles from here

I’d kinda like it somewhere
Maybe there’s a space with lots of dark
And if there is a somewhere
(Some kinda a new direction)
Well maybe that’s the place I’ll make my mark
(exactly what that is still unclear)

Thinking I don’t think much
(I know sorta don’t care)
Of all the little ways you try to twist and turn
(It doesn’t matter now which why you turn)

Maybe if it’s somewhere (even if its nowhere)
(Won’t worry if you ever might return)

Never no never
Someplace you won’t return
Never no never
Won’t make me twist and turn
Never no never
Exactly where’s unclear
Never no never
A million miles from here

A million miles from here
I’m thinking somewhere
Exactly still unclear
Just maybe somewhere

I’ll be honest with you. My supervisor has no idea. But look, he doesn’t know who I am most of the time.

Hey, you’re in the Wonder-hood. Everything’s a freaking mystery, like…

• Why does the kid turn into a pig?

• What’s the deal with all that pepper?

• What do you win in a Caucus Race?

• Is the Cat an inter-dimensional being or just a jerk?

No? Solve *this* mystery, then…

Find all the Wonderland words, and we’ll let you walk outta here.

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Today @ The Club House

It’s Murder Mystery Night at the Club House. If you had a buddy, you could use the candle stick in the library.

Works every time.

Okay, that’s it for today. Meet back here tomorrow. AT THE SAME TIME. Don’t be late. We gotta schedule.


It’s not a mystery, go get a buddy!