“A sound-and-light extravaganza that leaves you wishing for an extra pair of eyes and ears.”

~ Stage Scene LA

Album • Live Show • Immersive Fulldome Experience • Cinematic Concert • Online Adventure

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Wacky, weird and completely
AliƧin is a
jawdropping mashup of music,
live performance and
mind-blowing visuals remixed
and reimagined for a refreshing
new twist on Alice in Wonderland.

An exhilarating mix of singers, musicians, film and animation, served up with a pinch of mischief, a healthy dose of anarchy and a whole lot of attitude.

AliƧin sends you tumbling down the rabbit hole to all the music, madness and mayhem of Wonderland… only, this isn’t the Wonderland you know. At least not yet.

Unapologetically trippy and undeniably hilarious, AliƧin is appropriate for all ages.

Coming Fall 2024

Pre-rendered and live immersive fulldome experience.

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Scenes from AliƧin

Can’t get to the show? No problem. Grab a ticket for…

The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour 

Our exclusive online experience that takes you on a deep dive down the rabbit hole to all the music, madness and mayhem of The WonderHood.

Join the tour and learn all the ins and outs of AliƧin and why everything you know about Wonderland… is wrong.

Come on, you don’t think Wonderland was always wonderful do ya?
Listen to the
voices in your head and take The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour.

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“Freaking iconic. I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole. Love this!”

“Dope as F***”

“Well that rocks”

“I’m obsessed with this 🎩🐰⏳🍄

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