Photo by: Irina Dzhul

You’re Late.

Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite movie and your favorite song got together (made sweet, sweet love) and had a baby?

Of course that’s a thing, it’s Wonderland.

Part concert, part immersive theatre, part silent movie and part (wait for it)  jumping down the rabbit hole.

That’s what AliƧin is.

And you (you lucky so-and-so) you get to “come with” on our super trippy journey down the rabbit hole, and be the first to experience AliƧin.

Like ever!

Now will you quit bugging me!?

“I wanna hear it! When can I hear it? Wha-wha-wha.”

All right already, stop with the whining.
Here’s the first single ‘If The Key Fits’ from AliƧin.

It’s got it all – rabbits, tiny doors, “Drink Me” juice, cupcakes with “Eat Me” written on them, people growing abnormally tall, then shrinking really, really small.

I know, it’s a lot. Take a minute, then press “PLAY“. It’s that triangle thingie.

You’re welcome!

Go ahead. You know you want it. The original soundtrack to AliƧin. Yep, you will be the envy of the neighborhood, you’ll be invited to the swankiest parties and I’m pretty sure you’ll loose at least 10 pounds (not that you need to loose any weight).

Go on. Push the button. How can it be wrong if it feels so right?

Nothing to wear to The Tea Party?

We can fix that.

Follow the rabbit

This ain’t your momma’s Wonderland.

Seriously, subscribe already.


Because… you get to see AliƧin before anyone else, you get discounts to all our live shows, as well as discounts on our cool merchandise (which is very cool), free shipping on our cool merchandise, super special deals that nobody else gets, tour updates, as well as all the inside Wonderland dirt (you know, like who hates who, who’s dating who… it’s all very sordid), and you even get free stuff.

Yep, it’s stuff, and it’s free!

Hello… like now. Didn’t I mention you’re late?

    Look we don’t have a lot of time for this. OK, fine, just stop whining.

    AliƧin sees a talking rabbit, stalks him, jumps down a rabbit hole (because… I don’t know, she just does alright!)  and she promptly gets lost. She finds lots of doors but no key, cries a lot, drinks some stupid strong “drink me” juice (because there’s a key on the table and… oh, never mind), shrinks and starts to drown in her own tears.

    Yes, there’s more.

    The rabbit (who has very handsome white fur, BTW) loses his gloves, AliƧin goes to his house to get some new ones, she finds a piece of cake and eats it (the girl definitely has some weird eating disorder).

    Then… she talks to a hookah smoking caterpillar (on a mushroom Barcalounger), a disappearing cat, a guy that makes hats, goes to a tea party, plays croquet with The Queen and some hedgehogs, is sung to by a weird-ass turtle, and is put on trial for… I dunno, what do you want from me?

    That’s it I don’t wanna spoil it and OMG, we’re late!

    What’s AliƧin about?


    Come on, watch the video. All you have to do is sit there.