Day 3: Wet Wonderland

Song: Drowning In My Tears

✪ You’re late. “La la la” I can’t hear you.

Just keep up. We got a schedule.

✪  Congratulations on making it to Day 3. I really had my doubts about several of you. Okay, all of you, but here you are in your Speedos, goggles and “Under The Sea” swim caps, and while I may never be able to get that image out of my head, let’s all come over here to the deep end, shall we?

Most people don’t think of Wonderland as a “beachy” kinda place. But they’d be wrong.  Watch!

There’s a right way, and there’s a wrong way to do this beach thing.

Right way.

Wrong way.

Okay… all the floaties gotta go!

Seriously. Look at the pictures. Even the Kickboards are terrible.

It’s just not a good look.

Now, grab your Buddy.

Listen to today’s song > DROWNING IN MY TEARS

No floaties!

♛ Play Me

♛ Read Me

Drowning in my tears
Music + Lyrics by Kevin Saunders Hayes

Still begging
Still lying
Pretending things aren’t clear

Keep thinking you’re somewhere now
You’re somewhere
Just not here

And still they fall like all those second chances
I can’t recall just why
Still not sure just
Why I’m drowning in my tears

And here I sit
Keep trying to undo
There’s no rewind
Can’t seem to get to
Why I can’t stop drowning in my tears

Keep begging
Keep lying
Thinking it’s clear
Keep saying
You’re somewhere
You’re somewhere
Just not here

Still you can’t hear it
You can’t feel it

Can’t fake it
Why fight it
You’ll never find the key
Some doors you can’t open

That’s why I’m drowning in my tears


Can’t hate it
Deny it
That’s why I’m drowning in my tears


I can see we are not going to get to the Synchronized Swimming today.

So… how’s about we do the AliƧin Water Slide Puzzle!

No, don’t draw on your screen.

Go to Pge 12 of your Guide Book, without the floaties.

The last one down the water slide… well, let’s just say you don’t wanna be the last one down the water slide.

You saw Jaws, right?

Be sure to towel off before hitting The Club House. And for God’s sake, put a robe on over that Speedo.

The bartender will not be watering down the drinks today.

Today @ The Club House

Okay, that’s it for today.

Meet back here tomorrow. AT THE SAME TIME.

Don’t be late. We gotta schedule.