25 and 45 minute Pre-Rendered Shows +
45 minute Live Performance Production


AliƧin is a new music-driven planetarium show for families and school groups that takes the audience on an immersive adventure to all the music, madness and mayhem of Wonderland… only this isn’t the Wonderland you know. At least not yet.

Wacky, weird and completely unpredictable, AliƧin sends audiences tumbling down the rabbit hole in a jaw-dropping mashup of music and mind-blowing visuals, remixed and reimagined for a refreshing new twist on Alice in Wonderland.

AliƧin will delight your current guests and is the perfect entertainment to attract new audiences to your Planetarium, Fulldome, Theme Park, Attraction or Museum.

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Listen up.

AliƧin sends you tumbling
the rabbit hole with
an exhilarating
mix of music,
film and animation

 – all served up with a pinch 
of mischief, a healthy dose of
anarchy and a whole lot of attitude
to put a refreshing new twist on
Alice in Wonderland.

Unapologetically trippy and undeniably hilarious, AliƧin is a beautifully crafted immersive dome entertainment experience that uses all the possibilities of the 360° spherical environment to transport audiences inside Alice in Wonderland like never before. 

AliƧin is appropriate for all ages.

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Show details

Type: Short, Feature show, Live performance

Genre: Musical, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Action & Adventure

Release date: Fall 2024

Produced by: kshpresents

Directed by: Kevin Saunders Hayes

Distributor: 11811 • hello@kshpresents.com

Plot keywords: arts, dance, entertainment, music, time

Runtimes : 25 minute Pre-rendered + 45 minute Live and Pre-rendered 

Suitable for: General audience

Target audience: 6 – Adults

License: Traditional license, Short-term license, Ticket share, Pay per view

Resource & materials: Poster, Video Trailer, Photos, Audiobook, Paperback Book, Ebook, Coloring Book, Interactive Online Experience

Technical specifications

Video format: Fulldome

Resolution: 4K

Frame rate: 60 fps

Show orientation: Unidirectional

Production technologies: CG

Audio format: Live, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1

Languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Production & Support – kshpresents


Kevin Saunders Hayes – Writer, Director

Victoria Levy – Producer

Jeff Klein – Media Producer

Kelon Cen – Video Designer

Sharell Martin – Costume Design

Frit & Frat Fuller – Choreography

What people are saying:

“Freaking iconic!

“I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole. Love this!”

“This totally rocks”

“I’m obsessed with this 🎩🐰⏳🍄

Scenes from AliƧin

Listen up!

The voices in your head are right, and everything you know about Wonderland is wrong!

AliƧin is a twisted new take on Alice in Wonderland – it’s like a Backstage Pass to a bizarro version of Taylor Swift Eras Tour… inspired by Edward Scissorhands… that had a baby with Rocky Horror, Princess Bride and Spinal Tap. 

AliƧin is a rockstar. She’s living the dream, but she’s not happy. After her broken-down tour bus ends up stranding her in Nowhere, a chance encounter with a hysterical rabbit sends her tumbling down the rabbit hole to Wonderland… only, this isn’t the Wonderland you know. At least not yet.

Now AliƧin’s stuck in this bizarro world, searching for a way home. On her journey she bumps into a quirky cast of characters who all seem just as lost as she is. So, with a little advice and a few pieces of her rockstar costume, she helps each of them become who they are meant to be.

Except that evil Cat, who totally rats her out to her “Most Majestic Majesty” the Red Queen, and now AliƧin has to pull off the best concert of her life if she wants to escape The WonderHood and not lose her head.