You’re late.

You’re now entering the world of AliƧin.

You’ll learn all the ins and outs of AliƧin
and why everything you know about Wonderland… is wrong.

A bit about the album.

The album is a story – a concept album, like Sgt. Peppers, Ziggy Stardust and American Gangster, only this story’s about Wonderland – just not the Wonderland you know. At least not yet.

My songs have always been stories. Notes turn into pictures, pictures into scenes, and lyrics become dialogue. The characters come to life, take over the whole process and write everything.

AliƧin was as trippy to write as you’d expect. What I wasn’t expecting was the personal journey it took me on.

Here’s how it starts.

AliƧin is a rockstar.

She’s living the dream, but she’s not happy. Max, AliƧin’s manager, has got her dressed up in all these rockstar clothes. She wishes she could lose all the trappings and just sing.

Max discovered AliƧin at the “Milwaukee’s Got Talent” contest, and is known for his “Make A Million with Max” bus ads. The ones that promise to give you the secrets to making millions.

Max turns out to be something of an “Impresario” and to everyone’s surprise, makes AliƧin a full on Rockstar.

Max is also the cheapest human being on the planet, and no matter how many millions of streams AliƧin gets, or how many sold-out concerts she performs, he just won’t get her a new bus.

So, we’ve got:

– A rockstar
– A cheap impresario, and
– An ancient bus….

What could possibly go wrong?

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