You’re late.

Welcome back to the world of AliƧin. 

Today we’re going to go deeper into the ins and outs of AliƧin
and why everything you know about Wonderland… is wrong.

A bit more about the album.

I took my first stab at writing music for AliƧin when I was 17. Then I decided I’d wait until I got better at this music thing before finishing it.

I didn’t think I’d wait 50 years, but… what? Don’t look at me that way, I was busy.

So yes, I finally finished it.

I think my 17-year-old self would have loved playing AliƧin on his Sony Walkman.

Annoying Cartoon Hands.

Okay… let’s recap.

  • AliƧin’s a rockstar
  • Max is her manager
  • Max is cheap and won’t get AliƧin a new bus
  • Broke-ass bus breaks down in the middle of Nowhere (Population 0)
  • AliƧin meets a high-strung, well-dressed rabbit

The first video is way better than the bullet points.

What happens next? Click “Play” already.

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