You’re late.

Welcome back to the world of AliƧin. 

Today we’re taking one last look down the rabbit hole into all the ins and outs of AliƧin
and why everything you know about Wonderland… is wrong.

Just a little bit more about the album.

Without Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (the “g” is silent), life would be a much less magical place. 

As you might imagine, Charles (aka Lewis) was… unusual. But not how you might think. Apparently he was very precise and punctual, and made lists of everything he ate.

My guess is he created Wonderland cuz he needed a break from tracking how many helpings of Shepherd’s Pie he’d had for lunch.

I’m grateful for whatever took him down the rabbit hole and for the inspiration for my riff on Wonderland… before it was Wonderland. 

Stupid Strong “Drink Me” Juice.

Okay, last time…

  • AliƧin’s a rockstar
  • Max is her cheap manager and won’t get her a new bus
  • Crappy bus breaks down in the middle of Nowhere (Population 0)
  • High-strung, well-dressed rabbit
  • Falls down the rabbit hole
  • Annoying Cartoon Hands and….

Check out the videos for Chapter One and Chapter Two.

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