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The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour!

Over the next week, we’re gonna send you 7 emails. Each email takes you on new adventure in The WonderHood, and gives you a sneak peek at the AliƧin Live Show.

Wacky, weird and completely unpredictable, AliƧin is a jawdropping mashup of music, live performance and mind-blowing visuals remixed and reimagined for a refreshing new twist on Alice in Wonderland.

Look at all the stuff you get!

✧ Guided Tours of The WonderHood
✧ All the music
✧ WonderHood Guide Book
✧ Never before seen videos
✧ Premium Audio Guide
✧ All the Song lyrics

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☞ “I’m obsessed with this 🎩🐰⏳🍄”

There’s a whole lot more going on in the WonderHood than that “prettied up” version they’ve been telling you.