Are you a weirdo?
May 23, 2023


Are you a weirdo? How about a music nerd? Maybe a movie geek. How about a comic book fan? And do you know way too much about the entire family of everyone on Star Trek or The Witcher?

Thought so. That’s cool. That’s why we started this thing. I got tired of eating lunch by myself everyday in the cafeteria, and as cool as they are, my pretend conversations with the action figures I packed in my lunch box weren’t cutting it.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

So, I made us a club house. Secret passwords. Decoder rings. And it’s far enough away from the cheerleaders table so we can’t hear what they’re talking about. What else is a guy who writes artsy cinematic songs and scores for silent films gonna do? I was a little lonely ’til I started putting up those mimeographed flyers. Who knew there were so many of you out there?

It’s awesome, cuz now when I say “Of course, everyone knows that Worf, son of Mogh, of the House of Martok, was born in 2340, and is also known as Worf Rozhenko and one of the single most influential people in Klingon and the Federation,” that I’m not the only one looking at this dummy and saying, “Duh.”

Anyway, you guys know about all our cool movies – Phantom, Hunchback, Peter Pan, Metropolis, AliƧin (Alice in Wonderland), and A Christmas Carol, so… I wanted you to know that I haven’t been over here only binging on “Battelstar Galactica.” I’ve been writing us some more awesome songs for the best vampire movie ever made, Nosferatu.

I know, right? And am I gonna leave you hanging? Dude, seriously? It’s a work in progress (that means it’s not done yet), but I’ll give you a little taste of all the blood curdling thrills to come.

Alright, get out the string cheese your Mom packed for you. I’ll trade you for my PBJ, and don’t let the cheerleaders see ‘cuz they’ll just think it’s gross. Which it is, but in that really good way.

DUDE, are those your real teeth and what’s in it for me?
No, I do not “vant to suck your blood.”

Bottomline it for me
– Vampires with a complicated mix of metal and classical. Cool.
– Decoder rings kick ass
– Worf is cool. Duh.
– Get your decoder ring otherwise you might miss the convention meet-up
– String cheese is unpredictable

That’s it, I’m not gonna get all mushy.
See ya ~ Kevin

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