Does Wonderland have a reality TV show? 🐰📺
August 15, 2022


Only 4 weeks until The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour. Our online interactive experience that gives you a sneak peek at our new multimedia mashup AliƧin.

Check it out, this is super deep dive down the rabbit hole. And that’s not just great alliteration. The card soldiers have been working their assesoff (if that’s something they had) and I gotta say, we got some pretty Spanky hijinx in store for you.

That’s right… Music. Hijinx. Madness (of course). More hijinx and then just some of your everyday run-of-the-mill mayhem

Makes you all tingly right?

No, that it not a smile on my face. Look, just check it out. Otherwise you’re gonna miss out, and then there’ll be crying and I just don’t need the drama.

Because “missing out” is what happened to The Queen of Hearts (didn’t think I could transition, did you?). True story. Back in the before times we had The Queen of Diamonds, The Queen of Spades, The Queen of Clubs, AND The Queen of Hearts, with all the Kings, and Jacks and all the other stuff.

It was all very royal, until The Rabbit Hole decided to pop up in Hollywood. Yeah, what could possible go wrong?

Anyway some Hollywood producer type falls down the hole, and he thinks he’s on the Paramount back lot. He and The Hookah Dude hit it off and then… he sees all the royal types in their beautiful royal costumes, and their regal whatever, and he has “the big idea”.

Think “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” and “Jersey Shore” meets “Game of Thrones”. Hot tubs, bongs, beer shots, dragons and Snooky all locked together in a castle themed beach house near Asbury Park.

I have to admit, before this current crop of British royals, it was a pretty original idea.

Long story, short-ish, somebody forgot to tell the Queen of Hearts. Boy was she pissed. I think that’s the day the whole “off with their head” thing started.

Pro tip. Do NOT mention realty TV during The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour. Just… don’t.

Dude, it’s starting. Help me adjust the rabbit ears, and what’s in it for me?
Take your hands off the ears!

Bottomline it for me
– The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour is only 4 weeks away!
– Check it out. Otherwise you’re gonna miss out, and that’s on you!
– Do not get The Hookah Dude started on his “Bong Show” idea.
– I can’t believe they wouldn’t give me Executive Producer credit.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is watching The Sandman. The socials have The Wizard of Oz synced up to Dark Side of the Moon.



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