Three Music Videos From


If The Key Fits

This tune has got it all – rabbits, tiny doors, “Drink Me” juice, cupcakes with “Eat Me” written on them, people growing abnormally tall, then shrinking really, really small.

BTW, I know the label on the “Drink Me” juice says, “Not Poison”, but come on. It’s a random bottle someone left on a table. It just doesn’t show good judgement.

I know, it’s a lot.

Take a minute, then press “PLAY“. It’s that triangle thingie.

With What Porpoise

So, there’s this Mock Turtle. Who is he mocking? We never quite find out. Anyway, he’s heart broken, sings a lot, cries even more and tells a creepy story about his buddy the Walrus and his oyster friends… and how the Walrus goes about eating them (told you it was creepy).

Oh, and he’s teaching the steps to this romantic dance that’s done on the beach.

I know… but remember it’s Wonderland. So *not* making sense is sort of ‘normal’.

Take a minute, then press “PLAY“.


He’s a bit of a gadfly really. Flitting about with his gloves and his fan and his bugle (he’s really not making friends with that bugle).

He loses his gloves (again) and sends AliƧin to his house to fetch some new ones. While there, AliƧin finds a piece of cake and having learned nothing from the whole “Eat Me, Drink Me” episode, eats it. She promptly grows and now can’t get out of the house. It becomes a scene when most of Wonderland shows up to gawk.

What is up with her eating and drinking random things?

Let that sink in, then press “PLAY“.