Fate Still Rests



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“QUEEN meets a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

~ The Daily Breeze

Ready to tempt your fate?

The same love affair… a whole new seduction.

A tantalizing take on the legendary The Phantom of the Opera. A scintillating ride that will leave your heart pounding with every twist and turn.

It’s been decades since the old opera house went up in flames. But each year on December 31st, people swear they hear faint echoes of music ring through the air and catch glimpses of the opera phantoms doomed to relive that night for all eternity.

Delve into a sultry and mysterious world where danger lurks around every corner.

Just a ghost story? Dare to find out?

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Otherwise you’re gonna miss out
and then there’ll be crying
and I just don’t need the drama.