Hello and welcome to The Angry Rabbit. The weekly email series I write just for you.

Week 6

Delicious cookies and they’re free. AND you’re gonna help out some nice folk who had to deal with some close minded, mean spirited, just plain crappy people this week.**

I won’t repeat what happened, you can read the post below (Pro Tip, for all those good Christian folk wondering “WWJD”, I’m pretty sure writing hateful posts and cancelling your order would not be on the list).

So, a dozen cookies from Confections – Lufkin, Texas finest maker of baked goods – can be yours for free.

All you gotta do is throw your name in the hat.

Bottomline it for me

  • People = mean
  • People = good (a special shout out to all the good folk of Lufkin, TX who lined up around block to buy cookies)
  • You = good (for entering to win Confection’s special love cookies)
  • Cookies = Free = Love = Good
  • Love is love. It just is.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

Dude, they’re free cookies!

p.s. Website = free with lots of love, but no cookies (don’t be like that). Socials = free (of cookies).

p.p.s. **I had a completely different email planned for today, but my friend Debra Kennamer Chester brought this to my attention and it just got stuck in my “craw”. Thank you Debra.