Jammes Buquet, “Buq”, promised me a New Year’s Eve to remember. Now I’m locked in a room with two cops who don’t believe a word I’ve said.

My name’s Sorelle and I swear I’m gonna kill Buq when I see him again, but now I gotta save his damn life.

Buq said we had to look good so we could “blend in.” I thought he was gonna sneak us into some McMansion, and we’d waltz in like we owned the place and drink some rich dude’s champagne all night.

But no, Buq had us walking through a muddy field to look at some burned down old ruins.

I was pretty sure the store wasn’t gonna take the dress back, and they definitely weren’t gonna take the shoes. Most of all, I really had to pee… Then it happened.

The burned-out old dump started to shimmer and then out of nowhere the Palais Garnier appeared.

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