After all the yelling stops, this very large woman blows by us in a huff, with two guys scrambling after her. Again, all great cuz nobody even gives us a glance. Unfortunately, now I’m intrigued with all this drama, so I’m the one pulling on Buq’s arm so we can follow them.

We end up backstage, and if you think there’s a lot of drama on stage, it’s nothing compared to what’s going on back there.

The two guys go up to a woman in a giant pair of angel wings and they start shaking their heads. She just stands there with her mouth open. They shake their heads some more and then she stomps her feet. They shake their heads some more, and she rips off her wings and storms off.

It was awesome.

Then this other woman in angel wings walks out of the shadows, and I’m guessing she’s the understudy, cuz how many people just happen to be backstage in angel wings?

The two guys are all “kissy, kissy” on the cheeks with this new woman, giving her the thumbs up, and she starts walking up this huge staircase. When she gets to the top, the curtain opens and she starts singing.

It was breathtaking.

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