I saw you checking me out 🏝️🩴
August 16, 2023


Don’t be embarrassed.

I saw you checking me out. Which is cool. Only you were checking out my feet. Which is weird, until I remembered I was wearing these. Our very super sexy and crazy trippy Psychedelic Flip-Flops. They are insanely cool and they’re about the only thing you can stand to wear on your feet when it’s this damn hot.

AND THEY’RE 20% OFF through the end of August!
WITH CODE: flipflop20

So… look hot, be cool and save money!

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

AND… with our Psychedelic Flip-Flops your feet are gonna get a Special Sneak Peek at our live shows.

You didn’t think I was gonna get there did ya? There’s no way he’s gonna be able to go from Psychedelic Flip-Flops to weird and wacky live shows that bring stories to life with radically new storytelling. 

And yet… here we are.
1. You wear Psychedelic Flip-Flops on your feet, and… if you want… you can stand in the middle of our jaw-dropping, music-driven mashups and let the live performance and mind-blowing visuals happen all around you.
You can wear your favorite toe nail polish with our Psychedelic Flip-Flops. You can also do this at our live show when our singers, musicians, film and animation are running around trying not to step on your feet.
3. Psychedelic Flip- Flops are like a passport that lets you step into any of our worlds and look like you’re right at home.
4. And… Psychedelic Flip-Flops are easy to take off, so you can dance barefoot on the floor, or wave at the attractive bartender when you want another drink, or you want them to notice your favorite toe nail polish.

As you can see, it’s perfectly obvious, and you’re probably kicking yourself with an old shoe instead of a Psychedelic Flip-Flop because you didn’t see it yourself.

Dude, are those Psychedelic Flip-Flops and what’s in it for me?
The polish isn’t too much is it?

Bottomline it for me:
• Be hot
• Be cool
• USE THE CODE: flipflop20
• You will now always think of our live shows when you see a pair of Flip-Flops

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

P.S. Our website is wearing a lovely shade of violet toe polish. The socials haven’t clipped their toenails in months 🫢.










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