I want my MTV
November 24, 2021



What’s MTV? (sigh) Imagine a magical streaming service that played the newest, coolest music videos 24-7. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Oh, never mind, go ask your grandparents.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Click the video to hear this email read to you by Victoria.


Anyway, before you descend into a tryptophan induced coma (and for those of you that like to listen with your eyes as well as your ears), boy howdy do we have a treat for you – our very first AliƧin music video. Yep, and you (just you, don’t tell the others), you get to see it a full week ahead of anyone else!


MTV? Music videos? Dude you’re so old. What’s in it for me?

I’m getting tired. I just need to close my eyes for a minute. Must be the turkey. Let’s just leave it there for this week, shall we?

Bottomline it for me

  • You’re the only one that still doesn’t have their groovy new AliƧin merch
  • Where are my reading glasses?
  • Do what your elders say and watch the damn video!
  • Next week I’ll tell you about “radio”

Okay, that’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. The website. We now have ponies! That’s a lie, I’m just desperate. We got no ponies. But on the “socials” we have pictures of cats!



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