Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite movie and your favorite song got together (made sweet, sweet love) and had a baby?

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Hayes debuts single and video ‘If The Key Fits’ from newest immersive music experience, AliƧin
This post-lockdown production marks Kevin Saunders Hayes’ 7th studio album and live immersive music experience.

Listen and Watch ‘If The Key Fits’ HERE

Out 12/3/2021 on Digital and Streaming Platforms from Liquid Ranch

Kevin Saunders Hayes debuts ‘If The Key Fits’, the first single and video from ‘AliƧin’. The newest of his immersive music experiences, ‘AliƧin’ takes a fresh look through the looking glass, stretching his sound and the listener’s audio experience with a trippy mashup of new sonic styles and elements that lay out what’s *really* happening down-the-rabbit-hole.

Listen and Watch ‘If The Key Fits’ HERE

Hayes tells us, the lockdown gave him the time to lay down his most ambitious work yet. His immersive music experiences are often described as “what would happen if your favorite movie and your favorite song got together and had a baby”, and ‘AliƧin’ goes beyond the rich mashups of his previous work, with a twisted blend of synths, beats, rich textures and outstanding vocal performances to explore the trippy “Off with their head” world of Wonderland.

“Music is always the heart and soul of what we do, and ‘AliƧin’ takes you down-the-rabbit-hole in an exciting new way. It’s a real sonic adventure, and thrilling to see the mind-blowing visual and interactive elements that it’s inspiring for the live event.”

The accompanying visual for ‘If The Key Fits’ is out now. Like the music and live event, the creative for the official video cleverly combines elements from a variety of sources, including the trippy film footage of four different silent film versions of Alice in Wonderland, along with an animated Alice from the 1960’s. All these pieces blend seamlessly together to let you experience first-hand AliƧin’s “Eat Me, Drink Me” romp through Wonderland.

Listen and Watch ‘If The Key Fits’ HERE

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About Kevin Saunders Hayes:

Kevin is an award-winning creator, composer, songwriter, lyricist, producer, director and speaker.

As a composer, Kevin has scored more than 45 feature films, including an Academy Award® nominated documentary, and is the recipient of two 21st Century Filmmaker Awards for Excellence. He has also created, recorded and produced a large catalog of songs, including the title tracks for 12 feature films, and the book, music and lyrics for 15 stage musicals.

Kevin is also the creative force behind kshpresents, his production company dedicated to creating disruptive new entertainment experiences.

Kevin has conceived, written and produced all of the award-winning immersive and interactive Vox Lumiere productions, as well as Graphic Novels Live (in association with William Shatner’s “Shatner Universe”), the @ The Drive-in series, as well as kshpresents’ other unique brands of entertainment, transforming each of them into commercially successful franchises.

All of kshpresents’ experiences have been heavily featured in the media, and honored with its own PBS Television Special and other dedicated programs. To date, his Vox Lumiere productions alone have performed hundreds of shows in six countries.

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Kevin Saunders Hayes
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‘AliƧin’ Track Listing:

  1. Advice From A Rabbit
  2. If The Key Fits
  3. Drowning In My Tears
  4. So Easily Offended
  5. W. RABBIT
  6. Who Are Y8u?
  7. What Are You Smiling At?
  8. The Best Butter
  9. Fighting For The Hedgehog
  10. Uglification And Derision
  11. With What Porpoise
  12. Bring Me The List of Singers
  13. Entirely Of Cardboard

Produced by Kevin Saunders Hayes

If The Key Fits



This tune has got it all – rabbits, tiny doors, “Drink Me” juice, cupcakes with “Eat Me” written on them, people growing abnormally tall, then shrinking really, really small. (BTW, I know the label on the “Drink Me” juice says, “Not Poison”, but come on. It’s a random bottle someone left on a table. It just doesn’t show good judgement.)

I know, it’s a lot. Take a minute, then press “PLAY“. It’s that triangle thingie.

If The Key Fits – Music Video



If The Key Fits – Lyric Video