Is peanut butter a liquid?
April 11, 2023


Is peanut butter a liquid? Before you answer that, go get your jar outta the cupboard and have a look. My Canadian sister-in-law loves Trader Joe’s Crunchy Peanut Butter. Who doesn’t? And in addition to it being way too freaking cold, you apparently can’t get it in Canada. So, being the wonderful brother-in-law that I am, and hoping after 20+ years, another bribe will get me closer to not being “that boy” that ran off and eloped with their baby sister and denied them the opportunity of going to her wedding… I put two jars in my bag.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

 Well, TSA pulls me outta line and asks me to open my carry on. I’m thinking it’s because of my viking cosplay sword or the $10,001 in cash I got stashed in there, but no… it’s my peanut butter that’s gotten their unwanted attention.

“You gotta throw it out”, they said. “Why?”, I ask. “Because it’s a liquid and you have over 3.2 ounces.” “But, with all due respect officer, how the hell is that a liquid?”

Because I’m stubborn that way, it went on like this for a while, and I only gave in because the final boarding announcement came on, and these two other guys with sunglasses had shown up and were just… standing there.

I don’t think the peanut butter would have done much for my “that boy” status anyway, but it was the principle of the thing. Liquid is liquid. Peanut butter is not.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Except, that it’s kinda like what we do. Again… truly. I’m as surprised as you are. You didn’t think I was ever gonna get here right? Admit it. It’s okay, because I really had no idea where I was going after I admitted I’m into viking cosplay.

Some people hear our artsy, cinematic songs and scores, or see our artsy cinematic theatrical mashup and fulldome shows and say, “Liquid.” Which is really weird, but definitely not the weirdest or the worst thing someone’s said after seeing our stuff. And then the guy with the twitch sitting next to them says, “Peanut butter.” After that, it just becomes a really long night, because we’ve just performed, and I’m a little tired, and really, all I want is maybe a drink and to finish that last chapter before I fall asleep.

But, even though I know these people used the discount coupons to get in, I stay with them to the bitter end. Art, movies, viking cosplay – we go through it all until they are good and ready to leave, and hopefully buy me that drink. I love show biz.

And the liquid vs peanut butter thing usually gets forgotten, because we all agree that art is cool, and that new and different stuff is good for our brains, and that it helps us think differently about life, and the world, and helps us become a little more understanding towards those that enjoy viking cosplay, and… that even though we’ll never agree on who our favorite Beatle is, we all love The Beatles.

Okay, I kinda lost the thread a little bit at the end there, but unlike peanut butter, that is definitely not a liquid, we love to create and share stuff that doesn’t really have a name. So, you make up weird stuff like “interactive theatrical mashup” and “immersive fulldome experience“, which sounds really cool, but is really just another way of saying “we play artsy, new cinematic songs and scores to classic silent films.”

Okay, I think that’s it, cuz honest to god, I didn’t think I was gonna get this far without having to insert GIFs of kittens, or corgi’s running up and down stairs (which is pretty cute).

DUDE, is that TJ’s Crunchy Peanut Butter and what’s in it for me?
You’ll keep away from my sword if you know what’s good for you.

Bottomline it for me
– The TSA is wrong
– But if they’re reading this, you are absolutely 100% right and don’t need to pull me out of line
– Viking Cosplay is underrated
– Art isn’t easy
– But comes in both liquids and solids
– Please use the discount coupons
– Let’s grab a drink after the show

That’s it, I’m not gonna get all mushy.
See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is all about new and different stuff that’s good for our brains. The socials stole my viking helmet and they won’t give it back. I need that helmet.

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