Is Pluto a planet or not?
July 10, 2024


Is Pluto a planet or not?

You wouldn’t think that question would merit much discussion… but you’d be wrong. Not only does it merit a LOT of discussion, it also merits a LOT of fulldome videos. Pluto is a major player in the fulldome world. There is ALWAYS a section of a fulldome video dedicated to Pluto.

And why not? Sure, Pluto’s small and goes the wrong way. And, being really far from the Sun, is not so surprisingly made up mostly of frozen water, and is really pissed about that cartoon dog stealing his name and not giving him even a *tiny* percentage of the royalties.

I just wrote all that because it’s surprising how much you retain, even though you might have closed your eyes just for a minute or two during a fulldome show about the solar system.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

So… where can you experience fulldome shows about the solar system that come in every shape, size, genre and language? Well the answer is… The BRNO FULLDOME FESTIVAL in Brno, Czech Republic!

Planetariums is what they do there and they do it REALLY well. This festival is very much geared to all the stuff you expect and want to experience at the planetarium – science, nature and… the solar system! And there are some really fun, welcoming and talented people making lots of cool stuff.

And… why the hell were Victoria and I there you ask? Because we’re introducing AliƧin to the fulldome market. In addition to being able to learn the answer to this week’s question, fulldomes – which include a lot of planetariums – are branching out and getting into entertainment.

Once upon a time you might smoke a bowl and go the planetarium at midnight to “see” Dark Side of the Moon again. Don’t remember? Me either, but you probably did.

BUT NOW… you can smoke a bowl and come see AliƧin at the planetarium. Or you can come and have a lovely themed cocktail with us (who doesn’t want a “Rabbit Hole Surprise”, “Magic Mushroom Martini” or our Off With Your Head WonderHood special – the “Who are you Hurricane?”). And you can enjoy all these beverages while you crush your competition in The Red Queen’s Croquet, or take a selfie with the Cheshire Cat on his favorite tree branch.

All that AND… you experience a cool show that rocks you through The WonderHood. Believe me, this is *not* the Wonderland you know… at least not yet.

Anyway, Pluto was a planet. Then he got kicked out of the solar system. THEN they let him back in BUT, now they call him a DWARF PLANET. Which I think is mean, because it just rubs in the fact that Disney ripped off his name and didn’t pay him a dime.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is whipping up a delicious batch of Dormouse Daiquiris. The socials went to see Dark Side again.



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