Why this is probably not for you

Our shows are fun, cool, magical and pretty darn awesome.

Where else can you find a band, singers and dancers rocking it with mind-blowing visuals and magnificent silent films? (Hint: nowhere)

It’s different, and different’s not for everybody.

That’s cool. But you know us, we want to be helpful. So, to help you figure out if our shows are something that’s right for you, we put together a little list of who our shows are probably NOT for. We hope this helps!

Our shows are probably not for you…

  • If you think you’re “too old” (for anything).
  • If you’re not into laughing.
  • If you’re set in your ways.
  • If you hate music.
  • If love is just not your thing.
  • If you’ve never practiced your acceptance speech in the shower for your Academy Award, Grammy, Tony, Pulitzer or Nobel Prize.
  • If you think David Hasselhoff is a rock god.
  • If you don’t like hanging with your friends.
  • If smiling makes your face hurt.
  • We’re serious about the David Hasselhoff thing.
  • If you don’t believe everyone should be free to love and marry whoever they want to.
  • If you look at a 1968 GTO Convertible and don’t involuntarily say, “Cool.”
  • If you think god’s okay with killing and oppressing people in his/her name.
  • If you’ve never put your head back down on your pillow for “just 5 more minutes.”
  • If you don’t like pie (especially pumpkin).
  • Or if you don’t like pie, that’s cool, but you should at least be okay with cake and ice cream.
  • If you’re a hater.
  • If you’ve never imagined you’re Captain Kirk while playing with your smartphone.
  • If you’ve never been really glad your pet can’t talk, because they won’t be able to tell people about the dumb thing you just did.
  • Or Spock. Who wouldn’t want to be Spock?
  • If you’ve never once played air guitar in your car.
  • Or tried to sing that really high part on Journey song (When the lights go down in the city….)

We hope you’ve found this helpful.

Now, most of these by themselves are not deal breakers, so don’t be discouraged if there’s one or two things on the list that you’re not into (especially pie – but we’re pretty serious about the Hasselhoff thing, that might be a deal breaker).

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

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