paid a’m casau jyst achos dwi’n mynd i cymru a ti ddim! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🚀
October 4, 2023


No, that’s not a secret message for you to decipher with your Super Secret Decoder Ring. Although it could be ‘cuz we are getting those, because I figure if we’re gonna have a super secret club house and a super secret weekly email, we should have our own Super Secret Decoder Ring. Who doesn’t want a Super Secret Decoder Ring? Grab one here.

AliƧin has been invited to FDUK – The 2023 Fulldome Festival in Cardiff, Wales – October 13th & 14th

But I digress. Is “‘m casau jyst achos dwi’n mynd i cymru a ti ddim!” a super secret code that would embarrass you if your ninth grade math teacher caught you and made you read it to the class? No, cuz if you speak Welsh you will clearly understand it to mean “Don’t hate me cuz I’m going to Wales and you’re not.”

Now, I don’t know for a fact that you’re not going to Wales. You might be, to which you could say, “Ha ha smarty pants dwi hefyd yn mynd i Gymru.” Which would not mean a damn thing to me, but would let all my Welsh speaking friends know that you mocked me, called me a “Smarty Pants” and that you are going to Wales.

By now you might be thinking that it’s a terrible idea that I’m going to Wales, because my Welsh obviously sucks and that I’m probably going to starve because I can’t even order Shepard’s Pie, and the only way I’ll ever survive the visit is by standing at the bar of the local pub and pointing at the beer tap and then at my glass.

Yep… AliƧin @ FDUK  2023

And I’d say, “Damn… this is going to be a great trip after all,” cuz not only do I get to drink beer for breakfast, but… Victoria and I get to bring AliƧin to FDUK! Yep, we’ve been asked to come to The 2023 Fulldome Festival in Cardiff, Wales – lovingly known as FDUK (I had nothing to do with that) and give all the fulldomers a little trip down the rabbit hole with AliƧin.

So, let this be a lesson to you all. If you fill out an online application they might actually say, “yes.”

Obviously, if we were the kind of people that got excited, we’d be pretty excited. And if we were the kind of people that brought more than carry-on luggage, we’d check you in with the rest of our crap and take you with us. But since we’re not, and we don’t… we’re gonna do the next best thing and show you a little taste of what we’re gonna show them!

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

Go on our Free Virtual trip to FDUK in Wales to see AliƧin!

Here’s how it’s gonna go. You know how cool we are, so we’ll spare you “The Modesty Tour.” It’s basically us telling everyone how freaking cool we are, how cool the shows are, all the awards we’ve won, and all the embarrassingly cool stuff people have said about us. Basically it’s what my Mom used to tell people if she found out they had anything to do with the entertainment business.

Then after that… we tell you the story and show you the mind blowing opening scene from AliƧin.

Settle back in your fulldome chair, cuz here we go.
AliƧin – Chapter One “Nowhere”

AliƧin is a rockstar.








She’s living the dream, but she’s not happy. Max, AliƧin’s manager, has got her dressed up in all these rockstar clothes. She wishes she could lose all the trappings and just sing.







Max discovered AliƧin at the “Milwaukee’s Got Talent” contest, and is known for his “Make A Million with Max” bus ads that are on the back of every bus bench in town. You know, the ones that promise to give you the secrets to making millions for only six easy payments of $29.95 – Visa and Mastercard accepted.

As it happens… Max actually turns out to be something of an “Impresario” and to everyone’s surprise, makes AliƧin a real full on Rockstar.





But, in addition to being an Impresario, Max is also the cheapest human being on the planet, and no matter how many millions or streams AliƧin gets, or how many sold out concerts she performs, Max will just not get AliƧin a new bus. So, we’ve got:

– A rockstar
– A cheap impresario, and
– An ancient bus….

What could possible go wrong? We’ll let the video take it from here.




AliƧin Chapter One – “Nowhere”
PS… WAIT FOR IT. The video starts in BLACK 😱🐰🍄🎩
Next week, live from Wales, Chapter Two, “Down The Rabbit Hole.”


Dude, is that “cwrw” and what’s in it for me?
Get away from my breakfast.

Bottomline it for me:

  • dyn ni’n mynd i cymru on’d wyt ti’n genfigennus?
  • peidiwch â bod yn genfigennus, mae’n oer iawn yno
  • ydy cymraeg rarebit wir cymraeg?
  • ydyn nhw’n gyrru ar ochr anghywir y ffordd yng nghymru?
  • sut mae’n hongian?
  • faint o gymraeg allai dyn cymraeg cymraeg os gallai dyn cymraeg cymraeg cymraeg?

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

P.S. At our website “mae’r cwrw yn llifo”. The socials are “hollol llawn cachu.”



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