Quit bugging me!
September 29, 2021



I know you’re excited about the AliƧin “concept album”and our new kick ass album cover. But you gotta stop bugging me about hearing it. I’m working on it!

Don’t like to read? No problem. Click the video to hear this email read to you by Victoria.

For those of you that can read, let’s continue shall we?

Ok, fine. You win, but just one. That’s it damn it. I’m just gonna play you one track, cuz I gotta get back to work.

Stop your whining already. What’s in it for me?

Seriously? I just said I’d play you a track from the new “concept album” AliƧin that’s coming out. Like real soon!

I know, exciting right?

It’s a lot to take in, so we’ll leave it there for this week.

Bottomline it for me

  • Go get your headphones
  • “Concept Album” – remember to always use air quotes
  • What do you mean it doesn’t go to “11”
  • Dancing is allowed

Okay, that’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. Stop by my website, the “Insta” or other “socials” and say “hi” (I mean, if you want. If not… yeah, well the same to ya’ buddy!).



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