Scaramouche fuses theatre, film, music, dance, art and augmented reality into a radically unique immersive and interactive event.



Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up for ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’

We have your death-defying tightrope walkers, airborne trapeze beauties, dashing young men riding two elephants while standing up and the most fascinating, unbelievable, disturbing and must-see attraction the nineteenth century Winter Circus has to offer – The Freaks.

Novelties come and go

For longer than anyone can remember, Scaramouche has presided other the Winter’s infamous company of grotesque curiosities as the most bizarre and unnatural oddity of them all.

Immersed in the tinsel covered glamor and spine-tingling intrigue

You attend Paris’ legendary Cirque d’Hiver for an evening filled with lubricious fantasies, delicious facinations and inescapable nightmares.

The circus tent envelopes you in the 1923 silent film classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame as the Band d’Hiver fills the big top with incredible original songs, performed by the hippodrome’s elite company of singers and dancers.



Our real-world experiences are enhanced
with an overlay of location-specific storytelling information and graphics that can be experienced on smartphones and tablets.

Go on. Signup. How can it be wrong if it feels so right?

    Set in Paris in 1482, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, starring Lon Chaney as the bell-ringer was Universal’s most successful silent film, grossing over three-million dollars and transforming Chaney into a Hollywood star.


    Hunchback tells the story of Quasimodo, the deaf, half-blind, hunchbacked bell-ringer of the famous Cathedral, as he tries to protect the gypsy girl Esmeralda from the lust filled priest who will do anything to possess her.




    21st  Century Filmmaker Award
    For Excellence

    To say we were blown away would be an understatement. Mind-blowing entertainment… truly different, incredibly exciting, and definitely the ticket for one of the coolest theatrical events to be found.

    Broadway World

    A multidimensional hi-decibel blast of visual and auditory splendor!

    The Dallas Morning News

    Spectacularly unique: a blend of soul-pumping rock concert, dance, and theater intertwined with a silent film. A captivating, one-of-a-kind experience that had the audience cheering, singing and ready to dance!


    Joins Cirque du Soleil and Stomp as a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience audiences crave!


    WOW… a sound-and-light extravaganza that leaves you wishing for an extra pair of eyes and ears. Whether you’re a diehard theatergoer, movie buff or concert regular, you’ve never seen anything like it!

    Stage Scene LA

    This is one magical, exciting, original theatre experience you do not want to miss.