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“Spectacular blend of soul-pumping rock concert, dance, and theater.”

~ Buzzine

Step right up to The Greatest Show on Earth!

Marvel at the mesmerizing dancers, extraordinary acrobatics and daring daredevils and their outrageous feats of derring do!

And of course our star attraction… The Freaks.

A magnificent multitude of malformed monstrosities led by none other than the notorious “King of Darkness” himself, Scaramouche.

Wrap yourself inside all the tinsel and spine-tingling intrigue of Paris’ Cirque d’Hiver for a heady concoction and an ethereal escapade crafted just for you.

Step into the spine-tingling intrigue, filled with fascinations and nightmares, inspired by The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where worlds collide as passion unlocks a dangerous desire and ignites an unlikely friendship.

Join the adventure that reveals beauty in the most unlikely of places.

Love conquers all.

Music from Scaramouche


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