I cry every time I hear this song (and if you tell anybody, I’ll deny it). 

The secret song is called Dangling by a Thread, and it’s from TINK, our high-flying riff on Peter Pan.

What’s going on?

So… The Pan, you know, the boy who won’t grow up (lucky kid). Well, like all kids he looses stuff, but this kid goes and looses his shadow (how can you even do that?). 

Well, he loses his shadow in a sock drawer in the Darling’s house. Which is a weird place to lose a shadow, but wanting his shadow back, Peter breaks into the Darling house, grabs his shadow and… then he can’t figure out how to stick it back on.

Don’t look at me. 

His crying wakes up Wendy Darling, and the song is about the new feelings Wendy is experiencing as she sews Peter’s shadow back on. I’m pretty proud of the “double entendre” of the lyrics, and the performance by Victoria Levy always melts my heart.

No, I’m not crying. I just have something in my eye.