The dog ate my newsletter
June 15, 2024


The dog ate my newsletter

We don’t have a dog. Or a cat. Well, Victoria has a stuffed cheshire cat that she watches Netflix with. Nope, not gonna go into that story today. It is a pretty cute cat though.

Yeah so, the dog ate my newsletter is what I’m going with. I was busy packing my bag. No, Victoria did not wise up (yet) and throw me out on the street. I just had to figure out how to get 10-pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag.

I can say shit in our newsletters, right? I think there’s a 7-second delay for those of you with kids.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

The 10-pounds of shit is all the stuff I’m gonna need for traveling these next two months. Unlike any time I’ve ever packed, ever, I actually laid all this crap out on the bed to have a look at it. My usual “open the bag and put stuff in it 5 minutes before the car gets here” has worked for me all these years and I initially thought “why fix it if it ain’t broke?”

Why? Cuz Victoria kept asking me questions I couldn’t answer like, “What are you gonna wear when it gets cold?” and trick questions like, “What are you gonna wear when it gets hot?” If you haven’t figured it out, she’s very clever and I finally had to concede that the “5 minute pack” might not work this time.

So, I pulled out all the crap I thought I might need, laid it on the bed and arranged it all into categories. I went deep with this. I even made you a chart showing the general categories all my crap fell into. Here it is.

But hey, I’ve got TSA Pre, what do I care? I don’t, but apparently they do. I’m still not sure why I paid 100 bucks for TSA Pre, cuz they’re never open and when they are, they’re apparently not very happy when some dude shows up with a bag stuffed full of hard drives, computers, USB cables, video switching equipment and two pairs of underwear.

But you’re worth it damn it. What’s a full body cavity search or two when you’re dedicated to bringing fun-filled productions filled with mind-bending, immersive and the most interactive-est of joy to all the people you love?!

*** After all this time, did you really think I was gonna get there? ***

So here it is. “Adventures From The Road – Part xxx – I forget after this many years” – starts (again) now.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website insisted on bringing the electric steamer. The socials actually ask for the full body cavity search.



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