There are no lines in Wonderland? 😎🍄
July 25, 2022


The WonderHood is the original name. Lewis was all, “You should rebrand., We can open a theme park., We’ll sell lunch boxes., It’ll be great!”

What a maroon, and besides some guy name Walt (who names their kid Walt?) came in on a day pass and ripped off the whole idea. AND… he got the Tea Cup ride completely wrong.

Anyway, no theme park for us. No sir. I mean, have you been to a theme park? I don’t care how “entertaining” they try and make the lines. It’s still a line.

There are no line’s in the WonderHood or on The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour. Yep all the music, madness and mayhem of the Hood – and no lines! I mean where else can you get a sneak peak at our new multimedia mashup AliƧin in a cool immersive and interactive online experience…with no lines!?

I thought not.

Hey, you may not know what half that stuff means, but you don’t even have to get out of your chair to experience it. No, really. Just sit. Right where you are. You look comfortable. Why? Because you’re not standing in a line!

When? We’re gonna wait until it cools down a bit. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s climate controlled and always just the right temperature here. The truth is we’re still working on finishing the Tour. It’s almost done. We’re still waiting on some red paint. Apparently a thing called a “supply chain” is screwing things up.

And check it out, because you’re you, and you were smart enough to sign up for this crazy ride… you get to be the very first one to take the tour. The first!

Don’t think of it as being a guinea pig, think of it as… okay, fine, maybe you’re a guinea pig. Hey and if you know some way we can keep The Hookah Dude propped up on this schroom without using duct tape, I’m all ears.

Dude, is that a lunch box, and what’s in it for me.
Wash your hands. That’s a collector’s item..

Bottomline it for me

– It’s the WonderHood

– Who names their kid Walt?

– Do *not* eat Mexican food before getting on the Tea Cup Ride.

– Hit me up on that duct tape thing

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is completely line free. You can’t even see the socials from the end of their line.



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