Congratulations. It’s easy to miss the turn at the second star (it’s right, not left), but you found your way to The Never.

What’s TINK about?

TINK had to kick a few butts before she got The Never shipshape. But eventually, the pirates traded dance lessons for pillaging, the Indians stopped playing their drums after 11 p.m. and the Lost Boys agreed that at least one of them would take a bath every week.

Everything was perfect… until “she” showed up.

What’s this song about?

But, like most stories, we’re gonna start at the beginning. The place? London, England. The time? Bedtime. What’s happening? Nana, the dog and nursemaid of the Darling Children (weird, right?)  is trying to get the little troublemakers that ruined Neverland to bed.

More on that tomorrow…