Topher and the Multiverse Backyard Adventure
July 18, 2023


I have no idea what that means.

I’ve been lying in bed for the past two hours trying to go to sleep while “Rhapsody in Blue” bangs away in my head because Victoria was on hold for an hour waiting to talk to United about our lost luggage. Our luggage is now apparently in Newark, but we have to go get it, or we can wait until Thanksgiving, which is about when they think they’ll be caught up on their current luggage deliveries. But Dale was very nice and gave us each $100, or a billion miles, or something, so we’re gonna take the bus out to Newark tomorrow and get our bags.

I’m sure that trip will be worth at least one email.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

Anyway, I’m lying in bed trying not to listen to “Rhapsody in Blue,” and I’m thinking about how I love me some “multiverse.” Like Spider-man and the Spider-verse. Haven’t seen the new one, but can’t wait. I might even go to the theater to see it. The Spider-man Spider-verse movie is a work of art and was very inspiring to all of us making AliƧin. Go see it.

For those of you not familiar, the concept of the multiverse is that every time you make a decision to go left instead of right, another universe splits off where you went right instead of left. So, yes, there is apparently a universe in which all you do is make terrible decisions.

So, lying in bed thinking about the universe where I make the decision to go left instead of right and I end up missing meeting Victoria, and that was just too sad and depressing a thought to even entertain. So, then I thought about the universe where we’re performing the show with puppets in your backyard and the neighbor’s dog took our drummer Topher and buried him somewhere in the backyard. We could hear him, but couldn’t find him, so we were bribing the dog with treats to try and get him to tell us where Topher was before he ran out of air.

Yeah, that was pretty weird even for me. That’s why I had to get up and write this to you.

Yep, the idea of the multiverse is cool, because it opens up the idea of limitless possibilities. Kinda like our shows.  There it is. Hey, I’m half asleep, had a glass of wine and I got “Rhapsody in Blue” banging away in my head. I’m *way* more surprised than you are that we were able to tie all this back to the show. This could just as easily have been the beginnings of some long scribbling, where I’m begging you to come help me find Topher in the backyard.

Yep, limitless possibilities. That’s why a blank piece of paper or an empty theater are so exciting. It’s a doorway to a multiverse of limitless possibilities and every decision you make is a good one. That’s why we love making this stuff, and that’s why you love experiencing art, and music and theater. They open a door and let you take a look at someplace… else, and consider all the possibilities.

However, if you do find yourself at a backyard puppet show frantically helping us look for Topher, you may have chosen the wrong door.

Dude, is that a multiverse, and what’s in it for me?
Take my Spider-man costume off. I’m saving it for ComicCon.

Bottomline it for me:
• Please make “Rhapsody in Blue” stop.
• Where can you go with a billion miles?
• Topher’s fine. We got to him in time.
• Puppets are creepy.
• Possibilities are cool.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.
See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. There are no wrong turns on the website. The socials have a new puppet show. You’ve been warned.



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