Wanna come over and see my new sewer pipe?
September 19, 2023


Our house in Los Angeles was built in 1926 on what was once the edge of an orange grove, where you had to take two trolley cars just to get close enough to where you could walk the rest of the way. Today it’s the best cut-through street to the airport, and everyone and I mean everyone drives by the house on their way to the airport. The house had good bones and was built by carpenters who custom-made every door and window and added lots of original custom touches that had survived the whims of fashion over the years.

The plumbing was also original.

To this day I hesitate and listen before flushing the toilet just to make certain I don’t hear the water running and scald Victoria when she’s in the shower.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

So, we fixed what we could, when we could, and generally tried to be “gentle” or use copious amounts of duct tape to keep everything working.

Check this out. Did you know that in the 1920’s they used clay pipes for the sewer lines that ran from your house to the main line on the street? Yeah, someone thought that using something that was basically a cheap clay flower pot would be a durable, long-lasting solution to sewage in the land of earthquakes.

Well, that fateful day finally arrived. The clay pots were just too broken and the Roto-Rooter would no longer roto root. We had to call…. “the plumber”. Yep, duct tape was not gonna fix this one, so Lenny and the crew showed up, frowned a lot, shook their heads, and wishing they could give us better news, told us this was gonna cost $20,000. 😳

The horror, drama and pathos of the whole story is too painful to recount. But, Lenny and the crew did eventually get the job done and on the last day showed up to get their check dressed in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. They said it was no problem to swing by cuz they were on their way to the airport. Something about a few weeks in Cabo.

So, there we are. Standing on our driveway having just written a check we hoped would clear, and… nothing. You figure you’d drop that much money and there should be something. A new car in the driveway. A piano in the living room. That 90 inch 4k flat screen in the den. Nope. Nothing. I mean what the hell? You spend 20k on something and you can’t even have your friends come over and be envious!?

So, we figured we should throw a party. We didn’t, and it may be one of my few regrets in life (other than that thing we agreed never to talk about again). Maybe we’ll do that instead of my birthday this year. 🤔

So… what the hell does this have to do with shows that combine the best of live performance and immersive and experiential entertainment with awesome music-driven mashups of singers, musicians, film and animation that bring stories to life with a radically new kind of storytelling?

I know you thought you were gonna catch me off guard me with that question, but alas, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to… okay, not that early cuz I am just not a morning person.

Anyway, lots of entertainment is like clay sewer pipes*. Cheaply made, doesn’t have that much going on and does not stand the test of time. They are definitely not the entertainment you want to be in during an earthquake.

On the other hand, our productions are created by skilled craftsmen that lovingly shape all the custom touches of your experience, and they do it in a way that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. No duct tape, no Lenny and no $20,000. I mean, if you want the $20,000 version of the show, please reply to this email. I will have the private jet waiting to whisk you and your pals away to our exclusive one-night-only private island experience. 🏝️

You should see the stuff in the gift bag.

And for goodness sake, get your Limited Edition CD Collectable – it’s free!

Here’s what you get:

  • 13 Original Songs
  • Signed by the folks that made ‘em
  • Digital Downloads
  • All the Lyrics
  • Free Access to the Online AliƧin Experience
  • A Sneak Peek at the Live Show!

Come on. That’s a whole bunch of stuff for the low, low price OF FREE.

It’s kinda like a mini-version of the $20,000 private show.

Gimme That Limited-edition Collectable CD

Dude, what happened to the water pressure and what’s in it for me?
Oh my, were you in the shower? Sorry.

Bottomline it for me:

  • Get the Limited Edition Collectable CD
  • The $20,000 private show is a steal
  • Lenny still sends us Christmas Cards
  • Clay, good for pots
  • Why the hell did LA tear up all those trolly car tracks?
  • Sewer Line Party – December 6th – mark your calendars

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

P.S. Our website has all the custom touches. The socials will totally flush when you’re in the shower..

*I gotta say, even I’m impressed that I got from sewer line to our shows (in a positive way.) 😉




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