Warm beer for breakfast and other Welsh ruminations
October 9, 2023


Today’s little piece of email sunshine comes to you from Wales. More specifically “The Queen’s Vaults,” a charming little pub on a charming little street in “The Diff” which is how we insiders refer to “Cardiff.”  Now, before your mind fills with images of Hemingway balancing his last glass of scotch on the edge of a rickety old table while bent over his typewriter banging out “The Old Man and the Sea”… on second thought, go ahead and fill your head with those images and try not to think of me never being able to get that sticky whatever-it-is off my computer and being disappointed that the warm beer I’m having for breakfast is just not the experience I’d hoped for. I may switch to scotch.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!


Victoria and I are here a day early to take in the sights and sounds of “The Diff” before FDUK starts this weekend. FDUK? That’s right, we’ve been invited to present AliƧin at The Fulldome UK Festival that kicks off this weekend here in “The Diff.” *

We promised to take you with us for The AliƧin Virtual FDUK Experience, and now… before someone else plays “Come on Eileen” ** for the 48th time on the jukebox, it’s time for AliƧin Chapter Two – “Annoying Cartoon Hands.”

Let’s recap.

  • AliƧin is a rockstar
  • Max is her manager
  • Max is cheap and will not get AliƧin a new bus
  • Bus breaks down in the middle of Nowhere (Population 0)
  • AliƧin has a chance encounter with a high-strung, well-dressed rabbit

The first video is better than the bullet points.

What happens next? Click “Play” already.

Dude, is that beer and what’s in it for me?
The beer’s all you, but don’t touch the scotch.

Bottomline it for me:

  • “The Diff” has a lot of pubs
  • I’m not sure which one I’ll be in
  • I’ll leave the “find my phone” app on
  • Ask for ice when you order your beer
  • How the hell am I gonna get this crap off my computer?

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

P.S. Our website has no rickety tables. The socials will *not* stop playing “Come On Eileen.” **

*I promise to stop saying “The Diff.” It makes me feel like an insider, but I’ll stop.
** Which is weird for Wales cuz that’s an Irish tune.




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