WAY better than Aunt Mimi’s Cranberry Sauce 🤢🤮
November 24, 2022


I get it. Thanksgiving’s tomorrow. You’ve spent the week trying to replicate Aunt Mimi’s cranberry sauce that nobody really likes but it’s a tradition, so you may have missed the email about how you can GET THE AliƧin SOUNDTRACK CD FOR FREE!

And that you can get it NOW, before all those people sleeping in lawn chairs right out our doors.


I know, right?

The AliƧin Soundtrack CD is just like taking the singers, musicians and all the awesomely crazy immersive multimedia of our live show home with you, only… you don’t have to feed everybody.

That’s why we’re offering it up to you FOR FREE. Just help us cover the shipping and handling, and we put this in a really nice envelope and send it to you. FOR FREE!


And the AliƧin Soundtrack CD is the best FREE thing ever!
Why? Cuz it

☞ 13 Kick-Ass Tracks
☞ Words. Yep… every song has words!
☞ Beautiful album artwork so your life can be filled with nice things.

Stop worrying if you got the best deal. FREE IS THE BEST DEAL!

We love this new CD and we want you to take us home (not in that stalker-y kind of way), and you can get it (for a limited time) for (wait for it) FREE (with the shipping and handling thing).

Card soldiers

Black Friday is dumb. You’ve got EARLY ACCESS (that ends tomorrow).

Click the button and brag about how you got THE BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL EVER on the new AliƧin Soundtrack…

…Cuz you got it FOR FREE.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. Black Friday SUX.


p.p.s. Throw that cranberry sauce away… now!

p.s. The website will feed it to the dog. The socials will say something really rude.



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