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Kevin Saunders Hayes

Look, these “About” sections can get really dry, really fast.

Most times my eyes roll back in my head by the time I’ve finished, because I’ve been able to glean that the individual’s “polymath background and experience has made them a passionate and experienced team-player with the ability to lead companies as they navigate uncertainties in order to achieve the success they deserve”…

…but I still have absolutely no idea what they do.

So, I came up with six quick things about me and my work. We get in. We get out. Nobody presses charges.

1. I’m an award-winning composer, songwriter and producer and scored more than 50 feature films, including two Academy Award® nominated documentaries. I’ve had songs featured in a bunch of movies, written another bunch of musicals, and produced Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy winning artists.

2. Growing up, my family moved about every two years. I went to three high schools and I was introduced to all sorts of music, theater and other artsy craziness around the world.

3. I’m a fussy coffee drinker and still geek out about how cool the internet is. The combination of the two leads me to having way too many tabs open on my browser.

4. I create cool shows that mashup new music (mine), live performance and film (animation, multimedia, the whole nine yards). We’ve been touring for over 20 years, won a bunch of awards, had a PBS special and people (not just my Mom) have said nice things about us.

5. I also make other stuff (books, animation, films, audiobooks, artwork and the like). We now call it being a “Content Creator,” but I’ve been doing it since we just called it “Making Stuff.”

6. Victoria doesn’t let me, but the truth is I would create this stuff for free. I know I’m coming dangerously close to using the word “passionate” right now, but let’s just say “creating content” is fun, I’m really good at it, and aside from making entertainment stuff, I’m completely unemployable.

Now go read Victoria’s bio. She’s way more interesting.

Victoria Levy

Victoria is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, live performer, voice-over artist, vocal producer and vocal contractor for film, television, theater, animation, recording artists, video games and national brands. She is also an accomplished producer with over 25 years experience in all aspects of live event, theater, audio and television production.

Highlights from her production career include Canadian Music Week, Holland in Canada, Mariposa Folk Festival and the prestigious Juno Awards, (Canada’s Grammys). She has also produced all of the company’s 300+ productions, as well as its critically-acclaimed PBS Television special.

As a singer and voice-over artist, Victoria can be heard on numerous feature film scores including Tomorrowland (Walt Disney Pictures), Real Steel (Dreamworks), and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (20th Century Fox), as well as the television soundtracks for The Scream Heard ‘Round The World (Bravo/Trio), Expecting Mary (Netflix) and the award-winning arts education series Posie Paints (Mississippi Educational TV).

Victoria has lent her voice to many commercial and corporate brands and her voice has been featured on countless jingles including:IBM, Kodak, Motorola, Mattel, Blue Cross, Fisher Price, Corona, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Radio Disney and Power Rangers.
She has also recorded with artists that include Diana Ross, Meredith Brooks, Michel Polnareff, Roch Voisine, the Grammy nominated John Prine, Juno Award winner Sass Jordan, as well as noted composers, songwriters, and producers such as Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, Matthew Gerrard, Stephen Bray, Ralph Schuckett, Ellen Shipley, David Foster and Christopher Ward.

Victoria is also the singing voice of Barbie.


No problem. Here ya’ go..

Kevin Saunders Hayes – FULL BIO

For over 25 years award-winning creator, composer, songwriter, lyricist, producer and director Kevin Saunders Hayes has created film scores, songs, and a variety of immersive and interactive music experiences that defy classification and delight audiences worldwide.

Growing up, Kevin’s family moved around the world, allowing him to absorb a rich and diverse array of musical styles and genres, passionately consuming everything from London’s rock scene to opera, EDM, hip hop and symphonic classical music.

After formal training at London’s Royal Academy of Music and Abilene Christian University, his curiosity, dedication and unique skills as both a film composer and songwriter, contributed to his success as the creator of more than 50 feature film scores (a roster that includes two Academy Award® nominated documentaries), as well as two 21st Century Filmmaker Awards for Excellence.

His passion for creating distinctive and deeply emotional sonic stories has also driven his production of a large catalog of songs, including 15 albums of his own music, the title songs for 12 feature films and the book, music and lyrics for 15 stage musicals. Not surprisingly, his formidable musical skills are in high demand from a wide variety of talent including Tony Award winner Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid), Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe nominee Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding),  Spanish classical guitarist Angel Romero and actor Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas).

Hayes is also the creator of the award-winning Vox Lumiere, radically new mashups
 of singers, band, silent films and AR that put a fresh twist on beloved stories (or as The Phillylist describes them, “Silent film with musicians, singers and dancers performing along with it. How friggin’ cool is that?”).

Hayes has transformed Vox Lumiere’s unique brand of entertainment into a commercially successful franchise with six different productions that have performed throughout North America and Europe. His productions have received extensive coverage in the media, built a loyal international fan-base and a worldwide social media following.

Vox Lumiere has been featured in a critically-acclaimed PBS Television Special, and his productions have received numerous awards, including seven Los Angeles Ticket Holder Awards and five LA Stage Scene Awards (including “Best Special Event of the Year”).

His current projects include AliƧin, a new immersive mashup inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic Alice in Wonderland. AliƧin takes audiences on a deep dive down the rabbit hole for an enchanting adventure to The WonderHood as singers, bands, trippy silent films and cartoons converge in one breathtaking performance.

And King Laugh, a gothic mashup of French silent vampire films and the landmark silent classic Nosferatu. In addition to the expanded role of augmented reality in King Laugh, Hayes is using a new multi-dimensional approach to the audio storytelling and, with the application of cutting-edge technology, is creating a soundtrack that immerses listeners in a multi-dimensional sonic environment.

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