Hello and welcome to The Angry Rabbit. The weekly email series I write just for you.

Week 4

And, Episode 2 of AliƧin. Makes you feel all tingly, doesn’t it?

Previously on AliƧin, we got an ear full from the Rabbit on the vagaries of Wonderland, and that he’s still pissed with The Cat (probably because he talked him into investing in Bitcoin).

Without giving it much thought, AliƧin jumped down the rabbit hole and has been falling ever since you hit “play” last week.

After a not-so-graceful landing, AliƧin starts nosing around and finds a room with lots of doors and a key. Cool. Unfortunately, the key only works on the teeny tiniest door. (Why the hell would anyone make a door that damn small?)

So, big problem. She’s big.

But, she finds a bottle with the not-at-all-creepy label on it that reads, “Drink Me”. (Cuz sure, how could a random bottle with a note on it possibly hurt you?) So, she follows the instructions and begins to shrink, fast.

Let’s review – rabbit hole, small door, too big, not-at-all-creepy “Drink Me” juice and this week’s song “If the Key Fits” featuring the amazing Victoria Levy on all vocals.

Bottomline it for me

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin