Why are all the “Ƨ’s” backwards in Wonderland? 🐰 🤨 🤷🏼‍♂️
September 27, 2022


Of course we’re not having any fun.


Yesterday was the last day of and I’m not saying we laughed, shared special moments, or made life long friendships that we will cherish forever and ever.

And I’m not saying it was the worst tour either. There have been worse. I’m sure I’ll think of one.

All kidding aside (of course I was kidding), the last few days have been filled with Wonderland Mysteries, Eating Wonderland (Mmm), Speaking Wonderland (we taught all the swear words first) and the big Wonderland Luau!

Nope, no fun at all.

It’s okay. Really, it’s a learning moment. Next time you’ll keep your dog from eating your email.

Now, let’s forge ahead. So, just why is it that all the Ƨ’s are backwards in the WonderHood?

Hell if I know. They just are. Geez, what do want from me? Sorry, didn’t get much sleep on the tour. Oops, sorry that’s the last time I’ll mention .

So… backwards Ƨ’s. The Hookah Dude was particularly talkative on our tour night at The Lava Lamp Lounge (sorry, last time), and he said the Ƨ’s thing had something to do with a “looking glass”. ??‍♂️ But then he jumped up and started showing everyone how to do The Funky Chicken. Boy, that was a night (sorry).

caption for image

BUT… do you wanna know HOW to make a backwards Ƨ? Tough, I gotta fill this email and that’s what you’re getting.

STEP 1: Go to your emoji thingie. STEP 2: Click this little box you’ve never noticed before. STEP 3: Stare in wonder at all the crap you never knew was there, then scroll to the bottom. STEP 4: Click the “Ƨ” and add it to your Favorites.

Now, instead of a ?, you can give people an “Ƨ“. It’s cool and it’ll confuse the hell out of ‘em.

Okay, now I’m late. I gotta send out the stuff we only offered to people on the tour. Sorry…I said I wasn’t going to mention again. I respect our friendship, so I’m not going to say another word.

Dude, what Ƨtuff, and what’Ƨ in it for me? No, no, really, I’m not gonna say another word about and all the stuff we only offered to folks on the tour.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Click the video and hear Victoria read to you.

For those of you that can read, let’s continue shall we?

Bottomline it for me

  • Laughing, sharing, life long friendships (Ah…)
  • Eating Wonderland (Mmm)
  • I’m sure I’ll think of one.
  • LOL “Ƨ”. See how good that looks? ?
  • stuff is so awesome… uh, sorry. My bad.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. The is serving delicious “Eating Wonderland” leftovers from The Tour (sorry). The Ƨocials don’t know their “Ƨ” from a hole in the ground.



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