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We’re kshpresents and we bring artsy cinematic songs and scores to classic silent films
for music nerds, movie geeks, comic book lovers, sci fi fanatics and anyone who
likes a little something different served up with their live and digital performances.

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Make sure you remember what you’re getting yourself into. This will get you an autographed copy our our AliƧin Soundtrack CD for just the cost of shipping!

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We get the skepticism of giving your money to some random weirdos you discovered on the internet…(crazy how you can do that nowadays 😵). So allow us to lay out everything step by step and put your mind at ease… 

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“Okay, things are a little clearer now, but who ARE you guys?”

You are a naughty one, aren’t you? You wanna little peek behind the curtain huh?

Kevin’s an award-winning composer with over 50 feature film score credits. He’s also written a ton of songs, produced a whole lot of artists and is very particular about his coffee.

Victoria is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer. You’ve heard her voice on hundreds of movies and records by insanely famous artists. She’s also the singing voice of Barbie.

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If the DRINK ME JUICE makes you sick, you BREAK YOUR FACE at the bottom of the rabbit hole, or if WONDERLAND JUST DRIVES YOU MAD…

We’ll give you your money back.

But seriously, if you all of a sudden you decide you  hate the music, we’ve got you covered.

But why would you hate it? You’re still here reading all this crazy stuff. 🤔

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And by god, THE ARTWORK IS AWESOME so it’ll look good anywhere you display it (including that wall in the bathroom that needs a little “something”).


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We hand package every order and have a very streamlined fulfillment setup. We ship through USPS (avoiding Window 5 when we can) to ensure a speedy delivery!