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“An intense experience not soon forgotten.”

~ Talkin’ Broadway

You can’t deny the future

Your pulse races as you enter the most notorious nightclub in Metropolis. Fantasies become reality for those bold enough to enter and unlock the dark mysteries buried deep beneath the city.

Step into tomorrow and experience a fantastic world where the impossible is a way of life.

Here, you can be whoever you wish and have all you desire. Wrapped in the shimmer of the silent film classic, an evening of excitement, intrigue and boundless pleasure unfolds in Yoshiwara, where fantasies are reality.

Passion, greed and really cool gadgets… who doesn’t want to see the future?

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What people are saying:

“How friggin’ cool is this!?”

“Dope as F***”

“Well that rocks”

This is just phenomenal – WOWWWWW!

What the hell is this?

We combine the best of live performance and immersive and experiential entertainment.

Jaw dropping music-driven mashups of singers, musicians, film and animation that bring stories to life with a radically new kind of storytelling.

In our productions you don’t know where the real world ends and the virtual begins.

Weird, wacky and completely unpredictable, step into our worlds and explore fantastic new realities - served up with a pinch of mischief, a healthy dose of anarchy, and a whole lot of attitude.

Hey, it’s entertainment.
Who doesn’t like entertainment?
Don’t overthink it.

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21st Century Filmmaker Awards
For Excellence

Los Angeles
Ticketholder Awards

LA Stage Scene Awards
including “Best Special Event of the Year”

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