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Fine… we make cool, immersive, multimedia mashups that take you on
a mind-blowing experience with singers, band, film and augmented reality. (I know, right?)

Who doesn’t like entertainment?

Don’t overthink it.

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    More? Geez… Fine, here’s more.

    Follow the rabbit ‘cuz it’s time you knew all the juicy inside dirt about what’s *really* going on in Wonderland.

    Yep, we’re gonna expose all the music, madness, mayhem and dirty laundry with

    The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour

    …and all you have to do is sit there. 

    Our radical new online event celebrates the release of our new album AliƧin, the slamming soundtrack to our newest multimedia mashup that combines singers, band, trippy Alice in Wonderland silent films, psychedelic ’60s cartoons and augmented reality. 

    And yes, The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour is as freaking cool as it sounds. LEARN MORE

    Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

      Or not. Just don’t come crying to me if you miss out.

      What else ya’ got.

      Don’t make that face. We got lots of stuff.
      How about some award-winning multimedia mashups that take you on a mind-blowing immersive adventure with singers, band, film, dance and AR?
      I know… take a minute. I’ll wait.


      Jump down the rabbit hole and discover music, madness and mayhem at every turn with AliƧin, our latest multimedia mashup of singers, band, trippy silent films and cartoons. MORE

      Fate Still Rests

      December 31st, 1899. Many years have passed since the opera house fire. But, every New Year’s Eve, people swear they hear refrains of Faust drifting up from the ruins. MORE


      Yoshiwara, the red glow of the paper lanterns guide you to the center of Metropolis’ pleasure quarter, where one can always find anything to meet your heart’s desire.  MORE


      It’s a croc. Yep, it’s time to grow up. All that stuff you’ve been reading about Neverland, the Lost Boys, the Pirates, the Mermaids, Wendy and especially The Pan… is a croc. MORE

      Seriously? Of course there’s more.

      Look. People gave us little statues.

      21st Century Filmmaker Awards
      For Excellence

      Los Angeles
      Ticketholder Awards

      LA Stage Scene Awards
      including “Best Special Event of the Year”

      Bring Wonderland Home for the Holidays🎅🏼🎄with

      The AliƧin Wonderland Holiday Bundle

      People say nice things about us.

      Not just my Mom. Other people.

      To say we were blown away would be an understatement. Mind-blowing entertainment… truly different, incredibly exciting, and definitely the ticket for one of the coolest theatrical events to be found.

      Broadway World

      A multidimensional hi-decibel blast of visual and auditory splendor!

      The Dallas Morning News

      Spectacularly unique: a blend of soul-pumping rock concert, dance, and theater intertwined with a silent film. A captivating, one-of-a-kind experience that had the audience cheering, singing and ready to dance!


      Joins Cirque du Soleil and Stomp as a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience audiences crave!


      WOW… a sound-and-light extravaganza that leaves you wishing for an extra pair of eyes and ears. Whether you’re a diehard theatergoer, movie buff or concert regular, you’ve never seen anything like it!

      Stage Scene LA

      This is one magical, exciting, original theatre experience you do not want to miss.


      Did I mention we make music?

      It all goes to 11.




      Fate Still Rests

      What? Are you kidding? We’re just getting started. We have lots more.

      Fine, send a note if you have to, but don’t get all mushy.

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