4,000 of ’em in your Insta Feed
May 16, 2023


I swear. Just that one time. That’s it. That’s all I did. Now I get fed 472 of these things every day!

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

Reels on Instagram. We do “the Reels”. The kids love ’em. So, now I gotta make the reels. That means I gotta study the reels to see what all the fuss is about, and what the hell it is I’m making. So I watch the reels. You got corgis running around, and those thirst trap reels, and you got some people that must spend their whole week making the most super elaborate 30 seconds of video I’ve ever seen, and then the other ones who are really not trying at all. Not even a little.

But, if you *stop* on any of these reels and watch ’em? OMFG. Insta thinks that’s what you’re into, and they will start feeding you like ALL the corgi videos they have. ALL OF THEM.

That’s happened with the “movie guy watching” reels this week. The “movie guy watching” reels are this whole huge subset of reels, where guys, (they’re all guys), and they sit there and watch Avengers Endgame like 400 times, and that’s just over the weekend. They know *every* frame of this movie. No joke. They get the DVD and they go frame by freaking frame, and then their Instagram Reel is “So, I’m watching Avengers Endgame for the 378th time this weekend and… have you ever noticed…”

And then they show you the isolated frame of when Thanos had his hand in the air for like a millisecond, and if you look between his thumb and forefinger you can just see the top of Ant-Man’s helmet and that’s an “Easter Egg” that ties into some other frame of some other movie that I’m not even sure is a Marvel movie.

If your eyes have rolled into the back of your head, just try getting 100 of these freaking things on your Insta feed.

And although I do not want to watch 100 “movie watching guys” delight in their Easter Egg discoveries, I do love these guys. Because of their attention to detail? No. I love them because they’re movie geeks! I’m a movie geek, but I don’t have nearly the attention span, so that’s why I direct my movie geekiness to writing artsy cinematic songs and scores to silent films.

Yep… Instagram Reels can only be 60 seconds long, otherwise I’d be going on about some crazy Easter Egg in some 100 year old movie that has nothing to do with Ant-Man and spend most of the 60 seconds explaining who the hell Lon Chaney is, and why you should give a crap.

So, I love me some movie geeks, and some music nerds, and some comic book fans, sci fi and fantasy lovers, and anyone who ate cold pizza and watched too many cartoons on Saturday morning.

What do you mean that was just me?

So, Pro Tip. Don’t even think of slowing down your scroll unless you want to get like 4000 of whatever they are in your Feed. Nothing, not even movie geekdom is that interesting.

Dude, is that a corgi wearing rabbit ears, and what’s in it for me?
Don’t stop on that!!

Bottomline it for me
– The kids love The Reels
– Cold pizza is delicious
– Ant-Man is the true hero of Avengers Endgame
– Thirst traps are dumb
– Lon Chaney is super cool

That’s it, I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

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