50% is so 2012… 📆 🐰 🙄
November 17, 2022


I don’t usually get super excited. Super excited is not a good look. Especially on me. My mouth gets all crinkly, there’s this gleam in my eyes, my cheeks are all flush. I look… “happy”.

I’m not into it.

But I have to admit that I’m as close to “super excited” as I’m probably ever gonna get with this Black Friday thing we’re cooking up over here.


Now check this out. What I did there was called “opening a loop”. All the marketing kids are crazy for it. It’s like the cliffhanger at the end of Bewitched. Is Darrin’s boss ever gonna figure out Samantha’s a witch? Is the audience ever gonna get hip to the fact that there are two different actors playing Darrin? Is Darrin ever gonna get smart and have his witch wife make them filthy rich so they can live on their own private island?

You know, stuff like that.

“Opening a loop” means that I can do a quick plug for The Ultimate AliƧin Wonderland Tour which is really cool and you should take it (and not just because I worked really hard on it or that it’s free), but because it’s super exciting (not me… the tour).

Ultimate tour logo white

AND…  I can let you know stuff like that even though Halloween is over, I still have 6, count ‘em six AliƧin’s Nightmare in Wonderland Coloring Book’s left and my sister does NOT want them for Christmas this year, because I asked her, and she sounded really NOT super excited about that idea, and… I’ll make you an amazing deal so I don’t have to store them in my apartment until next year.

Ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Yep, a loop let’s me say all that, and… keep you all tingly as you patiently wait for me to get to the reason why 50% is so 2012… ?, and why I’m as close to super excited as I’m ever going to be with this Black Friday thing we’re putting together ?

Okay, Victoria won’t let me spoil the surprise (and she said she doesn’t want those  AliƧin’s Nightmare in Wonderland Coloring Book’s for Christmas either), so all I’m gonna say is,

You better get ready to brag about how you got

50%? ?
75%? ?
90%? ?


That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. The website always gets the best deals. The socials are into paying full price ??‍♂️.



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