Black Friday Sucks 🤬
November 21, 2022


Forget that lame “mark down” crap… you deserve better than that.

50%? ?
75%? ?
90%? ?

I would never insult you that way. In other ways yes, but not that way.

That’s why you’re getting the amazing new AliƧin Soundtrack FOR FREE ?Just help us out with the shipping and handling.

You get it FOR FREE, AND… you’re getting before anyone else!


Yes sir, all the little people have to wait in line, cuz we’re opening the doors just for you. Go ahead a beam a little, cuz you deserve it, damn it!

Fine, we’ll admit it, we are super excited about the soundtrack to AliƧin. And… we want you to take us home with you (but not in a creepy stalker-y way).

50% sucks! Get the new AliƧin Soundtrack FOR FREE ?(just cover the shipping and handling).


And this is so much more than a CD.
This circular piece ? of joy has…

☞ 13 Kick-Ass Tracks

☞ Words. Yep… every song has words!

☞ Beautiful album artwork so your life can be filled with nice things.

FREE. It’s sorta like getting free money in the mail (but to be clear, we’re not sending you free money in the mail).

Recklessfondcockatoo-size restricted

The AliƧin CD is like taking the live performance home with you and… we don’t track dirt on your beautiful carpet!

Stop worrying about getting The Best Black Friday Deal, because FREE IS THE BEST DEAL!

Get a move on. GET THE AliƧin CD FOR FREE ? (with that shipping and handling thing). Tell the world!!


That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. Take *that* Black Friday.

p.s. The website is hoarse from telling people about their FREE deal. The socials think we got a horse ?.



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