How many Elvis impersonators does it take to fill The Graceland Chapel in Vegas?
February 6, 2024


The answer is “not many.” The Graceland Chapel ( is not all that big. It’s a sweet little place originally built in 1927 right next to the “Hotel Autel” which boasted “electric heat” on the neon sign out front. I don’t think anyone cared about the kind of heat they had or anything else. Maybe that the doors closed on the rooms, and maybe not even that.

The thing about “how many” Elvis impersonators gets complicated, because the thing with Elvis impersonators is, if you put out the call… they *all* show up. Seriously *all* of them, and there are a lot of ’em.

The Google says that the current record for the most Elvis impersonators in one room was made at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in 2014, and consisted of 895 impersonators. That’s a lot. I think you’d have to open up some of the additional ballroom access at The Flamingo to avoid trouble with the fire marshal. And let’s be clear, 895 is just the number of Elvis impersonators. That does not include all the Elvis impersonator band members, and Elvis impersonator entourage members, and Elvis impersonator groupies, not to mention all the guys hawking all their Elvis impersonator merchandise, and Elvis impersonator food and beverage items that come with their own Elvis impersonator collectable mugs, keychains and bottle openers.

And… let’s not forget the largest Elvis impersonator festival in the world, The Michigan Elvisfest, founded in 1999, held each year at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, Michigan ( where Elvises from around the world come each year to celebrate The King.

Yep, let’s just take a moment and remember that 45+ years after his untimely and rather embarrassing death on the toilet of the Penthouse bathroom in The International Hotel, we really owe Elvis and his impersonator minions a debt of gratitude, because they are really the ones keeping the American economy strong… one collectable bottle opener at a time.

And just like a terrible traffic accident you just can’t stop ogling, I Googled Graceland, and even the home of Elvis is officially in the Elvis impersonator business. And… if you hurry, you can still win yourself a spot in the Semifinal Round of Elvis Week 2024. See a current list of preliminary contest locations! (

Look… all I really wanted to do was tell you about our trip last week to Vegas to see all the cool kids and all their cool immersive and interactive entertainment stuff. I can’t help it if all this stuff is just sitting on the internet waiting to be found.

You should look at it as a gift. I seek out the weird and oft times creepy corners of the internet so you don’t have to. And then I curate a hilariously strange and highly entertaining few minutes, that saves you from doom-scrolling the relentlessly crappy news of the day.

You’re welcome.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

Okay… let’s get to it before we run out of newsletter. Victoria and I went to Vegas because we think this is obviously a great home for AliƧin and all our immersive and interactive shows. We went to the MSG Sphere, and the amazing folks at Area15 gave us an incredible BTS tour of all the crazy cool madness they have going on over there. We could have easily spent a few days exploring Area15, but we didn’t. But… we did manage to squeeze in the Asylum Bar + Arcade, Brainstorm, Wink World, insanely delicious ribs at The Beast, and a crazy fun time at Illuminarium, and Lost Spirits Distillery, which includes multiple rum tastings with your admission.

Victoria says I had a good time.

Las Vegas is pretty much an immersive experience unto itself, and places like Area15 make it even cooler. We love their neighborhood, and we know our shows would make an excellent, interesting and appropriately weird new addition to the neighborhood. You can vouch for us.

Here are some pics.

Vegas baby, Vegas.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is a hunk, a hunk of burnin’ love. The socials are just a dumpster fire.



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