I saw a robot deliver groceries today
January 31, 2024


Now, you know that has to be true, cuz if I wanted to sensationalize it with a clickbait worthy headline I would have written, “Evil robot wreaks havoc in Hollywood Hills” or “Killer robot snarls LA traffic while destroying iconic Capitol Records Building.” Something like that, but I’m writing to you from Los Angeles and you’d probably just think I’d stumbled across some film crew shooting an episode of “The Mandalorian” or maybe “Real Housewives of… anywhere.”

But no. I was just sitting there at a sidewalk cafe, sipping a cappuccino, wearing some cool sunglasses and pretending to be making deals on the phone with my friend Scott, and mostly minding my own business (it was all *very* LA)… when a little orange box about the size of a big ice chest rolls by me without anyone pushing it. It had COCO neatly written on the side and a little post-it note stuck to it that read, “No, I am not Optimus Prime.” The wheels looked like someone had collected all the bad wheels from every shopping cart I always seem to get at Whole Foods, but there it went… down the sidewalk to the corner. It waited for the light. Then crossed the street when it was safe and was off to deliver cappuccino and croissants to someone too lazy or too important to go to the Starbuck’s drive thru.

It’s Hollywood. So that’s really a damn good guess about what it was delivering. Hey… it’s LA LA Land.

Don’t believe me, huh? Silly you. Here’s the video. Wait and watch COCO stop when yet another terrible LA driver almost nails it in the middle of the intersection.

Don’t like to read? Victoria reads this email to you!

It’s the future, and as the Borg always say, “Resistance is futile.” And… this is where I would usually write something about how we’ve always been about the future and have always used cutting-edge technology in our shows to immerse you deeper in a story. But that would be pushing it even for me. So, I’m just gonna leave you with, “Look both ways *twice* when crossing the street in LA” or better yet, let COCO lead you across the street, or better yet just let COCO bring you your cappuccino and croissants. Who the hell has time to wait in line at Starbucks? It’s LA damn it. I’m important and I’ve got important stuff to do!

Vegas baby Vegas

We’re off to Vegas to see us some “immersive and interactive” stuff. I told you I’d be using those words a lot this year, and I am not going to disappoint. We’re off to talk with some folks about our “immersive and interactive” AliSin. We’re excited about checking out Area15. These are some very cool people doing some very cool immersive and interactive stuff. We’re looking forward to chatting with them and checking out some of the cool spaces there. Area15 is a super cool neighborhood and let’s just say we’d love to be one of their neighbors.

We’re also gonna check out the stupidly ginormous MGM Sphere, the very fun large scale immersive Illuminarium, the naughty circus of Absinthe, and…. The Pinball Museum. Yeah, turns out Victoria really is The Pinball Wizard and we may never get her out of there.

Pics and video to come.

Okay… robots, Vegas and pinball. I’m exhausted. I need a nap.

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya ~ Kevin

p.s. The website will gladly stand in line for you at Starbucks. The socials are going broke having COCO deliver them cappuccinos and croissants.



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