Of course we’re not having any fun 🐰💃🏼 🥳
September 20, 2022


Of course we’re not having any fun.

I’m not saying you’re missing out or anything, but… we’re only halfway through and almost everyone has recovered from the jump down the rabbit hole!

And if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, everybody on The Tour:

  • Got Small on Drink Me Juice
  • Had a trip to the beach
  • Took selfies with Wonderland celebs
  • Toured Celebrity Homes, and…
  • Chilled with The Hookah Dude at The Lava Lamp Lounge

And other than that Speedo incident (someone mixed up Beach Day and Selfie Day… you don’t wanna know), everything has gone swimmingly.

Yep, our radical new online event to celebrate the release of our new album , is a roaring success.

Don’t make that face. I know, I know… you were busy, the dog ate your email… that’s cool, you’ll know better next time.

Dude, is that glitter on your face, and what’s in it for me? Crap, you just can’t get that stuff off.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Click the video and hear Victoria read to you. Watch Time 2:50

For those of you that can read, let’s continue shall we?

Bottomline it for me

  • Beach day is NOT Selfie Day.
  • Yes, it’s as freaking cool as it sounds.
  • It’s cool… it’s a learning moment.
  • Almost everyone has recovered!

That’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. The is a forever thing. Do NOT let the socials show you their selfie pictures. You’ve been warned.

p.p.s. Whenever you’re ready, here are some more cool ways you can play along:

  1. . It’s “moving” pictures folks. They’re pictures, and they move!
  2. ​Like us on and , Hey, just one mouse click can help our self esteem.
  3. . You don’t have to buy anything. Just have a look around. The boss likes it if we look busy.
  4. . Know other people that would like our wacky hi-jinx? (You do too!) Don’t bogart the fun.


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