Turkey in the sky with diamonds
November 17, 2021



Today’s word is “mastering”.

After slaving over the writing, the recording, the album art, those freaking social media posts and the creation of engagingly scintillating emails to send out week after week after week… one of the final steps in the process of releasing the AliƧin “concept album” is “the mastering process”.

Don’t like to read? No problem. Click the video to hear this email read to you by Victoria.

For those of you that can read, let’s continue shall we?

It’s like that extra coating of wax on your car. It makes your tracks all… shiny.

Anyway, that’s what we’re doing now. It’s all very exciting.

Shiny, shminy. What’s in it for me?

What was that? I couldn’t hear you. I was “mastering”. Let’s just leave it there for this week, shall we?

Bottomline it for me

  • No one likes your cranberry-pumpkin spice marmalade
  • Just being honest (please stop crying)
  • You’re the *still* the only one that doesn’t have their groovy new AliƧin merch
  • You’re embarrassing me
  • Why can’t you be like your sister?

Okay, that’s it. I’m not gonna get all mushy.

See ya’ ~ Kevin

p.s. The website is a cornucopia of holiday cheer damn it. And on the “socials” we have grandma’s cranberry-pumpkin spice marmalade recipe!



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